Widening participation

According to the British Medical Association, people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds use healthcare twice as frequently as the average – but only one in five UK doctors comes from these groups.

Sessions for Schools and Colleges

At Hull York Medical School we offer a range of Widening Participation activities for schools and colleges to help raise aspirations, support young people's choices and encourage progression into medicine and other medical careers.

Please see the tabs below for more detailed information about the activities we are currently running, including dates.

If you would like to book any of the sessions listed, please complete our expression of interest form or contact Alexandra Murphy our Widening Participation and Outreach Officer T: 01904 32 1762

Pathways to Medicine is a Widening Participation programme run in conjunction with the Sutton Trust at HYMS. The programme supports talent Year 12 students who wish to pursue a career in medicine.

The Pathways to Medicine programme offers students a range of opportunities to give them an insight into the medical profession, support them through the application and selection process for medical school and prepare them for attending university. 

Students for Pathways to Medicine are recruited from schools and colleges across the HYMS region. 

What activities do students take part in? 

As part of Pathways to Medicine, students will attend a launch event at HYMS, participate in 3 days of work experience supported by preparation and reflection workshops, take part in a 4 day residential summer school, have access to ementoring from a current HYMS undergraduates and complete an academic assignment. 

Students also have the opportunity to attend a range of other events and activities at HYMS. 

Thinking about applying?

In order to apply you must meet the Hull York Medical School's eligibility criteria  

The Pathways to Medicine Officer will also be making visits to local schools and colleges to provide further information about the programme.

Applications are made online via The Sutton Trust Website 

Applications are open from 12th September 2017 until the 8th January 2018. 

Who to contact

For further information please contact E: pathways@hyms.ac.uk  T: 01904 32 1762

Year 13 Mock Interviews and Preparation Workshop

Mock interviews will be held again in October 2018.

Year 12 Making Connections

Making Connections is suitable for students in Years 12 and 13 who are taking Biology and Chemistry at A Level.

Making Connections aims to develop an understanding of the Problem Based Learning (PBL) method used at HYMS and to raise aspirations of students wishing to study medicine. The PBL method encourages students to apply their biology and chemistry knowledge to real life scenarios and develop learning outcomes based on these discoveries.

Making Connections is a two part session for students to learn more about the teaching methods at HYMS and to have a go at some bio-practical work in our lab.

Session 1

  • Students are introduced to Problem Based Learning (PBL) at HYMS
  • Student work through a PBL session with current undergraduates at HYMS
  • Students develop their learning outcomes to take away and research in their own time

Session 2

  • Students attend a session at the HYMS multi-functional laboratory to work on clinical skills linked to the PBL case

    Upcoming Dates


    Session 1- 15 November 2017 - 12:30-2:00

    Session 2 - 22 November 2017 - 12:30-2:00


    Session 1 - 14 March 2018  - 12:30-2:00
    Session 2 - 21 March 2018 - 12:30-2:00


    Session 1 - 11 April 2018 12:30-2:00

    Session 2 - 18 April 2018 12:30-2:00


    If you are a student who would like to book onto a session please complete and return

    an application form

    - please note this session is only for local students, due to limited places we are unable to offer them to students from outside the local area. 

    If you are a teacher/careers adviser who would like to book a group of students onto a session please contact  Alexandra Murphy to book or to discuss a Making Connections session.


    We run a number of events for secondary school students to support them in considering a career in medicine and making links between their understanding of science and the practise of medicine. 

    An updated schedule of events will be available in September 2017

    Year 7 and 8


    Welcome to the Hull York General Hospital. Our patient Lucy has been in a road traffic accident and has been rushed to the hospital. We need you to work with the junior doctors to help save Lucy’s life.

    In this session students work in teams to diagnose Lucy’s symptoms and save her life. The project is run online and participants are guided through the activities by a virtual junior doctor and current HYMS students.

    Upcoming Dates: 

    16th May - York

    20th June - York

    21st June - Hull 

    Year 9

    Medicine Discovery Day 

    A medicine discovery day is a great way to find out more about what it takes to be a doctor and to have a go at some interactive medicine activities. Students will also have the opportunity to look around the university campus and chat to our current medical students. 

    7th Feb - Hull

    9th May - Hull 

    6th June - York

    13th June - Hull


    Medicine Discovery Sessions

    Medicine Discovery sessions are a great way to introduce students to the concept of Problem based learning, and to find out more about studying medicine at university.

    By looking at virtual patients in a Problem Based Learning (PBL) scenario, the session seeks to demonstrate to students the links between science and real life.

    Students will work on a short case to try and find out what is wrong with the patient and suggest outcomes to reach a diagnosis. They will also have the opportunity to practise clinical skills related to the case.

    31st Jan - Hull (Excellence Hub event) 

    7th March - Hull 

    12th April - York


    How to Book 

    To book a place on a session please email outreach@hyms.ac.uk with a completed booking form


    HYMS runs activities for a variety of age groups through the Excellence Hub for Yorkshire and Humber which is a regional collaboration between the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. The purpose of the programme is to develop exciting and purposeful opportunities for high achieving young people to help enrich their experiences in school or college.

    Events delivered through the Excellence Hub for Yorkshire and Humber are open to students from across the UK who have been identified by their school or college as high achieving.

    Please note there is additional eligibility criteria and a set application process for applying for events.

    To find out more and to book onto sessions please visit the Excellence Hub website.


    Discover more about what it is like to study medicine

    The HYMS Summer School gives Year 12 students the opportunity to take part in a variety of  activities including Problem Based Learning, Clinical Skills, Presentations and Medical workshops. 

    You'll also take part in a range of social activities including a meal out, a BBQ and a day visit to York. 

    Further Information 

    Applications for Summer School 2018 will open in Spring 2018. 

    To register your interest please complete this online form and we will contact you when applications open. 

    Eligibility criteria will apply. 




    HYMS is hosting the annual Yorkshire Medical Schools Teachers and Advisers Conference on 19th March 2018.

    Representatives from the Medical Schools at the University of Leeds, University of Sheffield and Hull York Medical School will lead the day to provide teachers and advisers with information about supporting students in making applications to Medical School.

    Workshops will include information about each medical schools’ entry and selection criteria, MMI interviews, making the most of work experience and how to plan for Plan B, as well as discussions about reformed qualifications and the opportunity to find out more about programmes run by the medical schools to support local students.

    To register for this event please complete our online application form and we will contact you with further information.

    This is a free event and will be hosted at the University of Hull.




    We are able to offer talks to students on the following topics


    - Thinking about medicine 

    Year 12

    - Preparing for medicine 

    - Making the most of your work experience 

    Year 13

    - Plan B: thinking about your options 

    All talks are around 45 minutes in length. 

    Talks can be offered to local schools and colleges with priority given to local state schools followed by local independent schools, subject to availability of our Student Recruitment and Outreach Team. 

    Our local area is: East Riding, Humberside, North East Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire and York. 

    To book a talk please contact the team on outreach@hyms.ac.uk 

    We're sorry but we are not able to attend talks outside the local region. 

    Becoming a doctor is a website developed in conjunction with students at HYMS to provide advice and guidance about medical school, including the application process, interviews and work experience.