Reflections from the Faculty of Physician Associates’ 2nd Annual Conference 2017

06 December 2017

Anthony Cosgrove, Amanda Ibrahim, and Shuaib Rasul are second year Physician Associate MSc students at HYMS.

The second annual Faculty of Physician Associates' (FPA) conference took place in the beautiful Royal College of Physicians’ (RCP) building in London located next to Regent's Park this September. This was my first experience attending a conference so I was very much looking forward to what the event could offer. I attended the conference with two of my colleagues: all three of us Physician Associate MSc students from HYMS. We were impressed overall by the organisation and calibre of speakers we had over the two days and the delicious lunch provided!

What is sarcoma? Bone Cancer Awareness Week 2017

11 October 2017

Grace Gawn is a third year medical student at HYMS. She can usually be found with a cup of tea and/or a burrito in her hand, getting stuck into a good TV series.  

As medical students, most of us have encountered patients with cancer whilst on clinical placement. However, none of us are likely to have met somebody with sarcoma, a rare type of malignancy accounting for just 1% of all cancers. The average GP is likely to see one sarcoma every 11.4 years, equivalent to just 2-3 cases in their working life. Though rare, a diagnosis of sarcoma is important not to miss.

Graduation Day 2017 at the Hull York Medical School

04 September 2017

Katherine Harris is a final year medical student at HYMS and intercalated in Psychological Medicine at the University of Birmingham. She is interested in medical education, widening participation, and paediatrics. Katherine is also our BMA representative.

On 10 July, I attended the graduation ceremony and reception for the Hull York Medical School Class of 2017, in order to watch my friends achieve their dreams, and try to put the events of the day into words. Having started my journey at the school as part of the same cohort, it was amazing to watch graduation become a tangible, real event, rather than the distant dream it seemed on our first day here.

Highlights from the RCPsych Spring Conference 2017: The Mind, Brain, and Body

24 August 2017

Blessing Fabowale-Makinde is a third year medical student at HYMS with an interest in psychiatry. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, going to the gym, and learning Italian.

17 March 2017 marked the day of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) Northern and Yorkshire (N&Y) Division Spring Conference. The theme of this year’s conference was 'The Mind, Brain, and Body', exploring the complex connections and effects that each has on the others. Clinicians at different stages of their careers all gathered for what was to be a truly informative and thought provoking day, featuring presentations on a variety of topics including addictions neurobiology, medically unexpected symptoms, and the uses of neuroimaging in psychiatry.

My research journey at Hull York Medical School

01 August 2017

Vassili Crispi is a third year medical student at HYMS, with a keen interest in neurology, neurosurgery and research. He is president of HYMS NeuroSoc and works with other societies. In his spare time he enjoys reading, listening to music, playing his clarinet and saxophone, and travelling.

If someone had told me five years ago that I would undertake my medical training in the UK, I would have never believed them. The real life-changing opportunity came when I applied for an exchange year abroad in 2013. From that moment onwards, studying medicine here became a tangible option. There are endless differences between British and Italian medical schools, but I would have never guessed the myriad of new opportunities I would be offered at HYMS, including becoming involved in research.

Meeting the Dean: Part Two

24 July 2017
Professor Una Macleod was interviewed by Alexandra Abel, Chaitra Dinesh and Vassili Crispi.
In the second of a three-part interview series with Professor Una Macleod, HYMS students Alexandra Abel, Chaitra Dinesh and Vassili Crispi focus on the Dean's research interests and academic background, and gain valuable advice for students keen to get involved in research.

Highlights from the Northern England National Surgical Research Symposium 2017

25 April 2017

Elizabeth O'Connell is a third year medical student at HYMS and a Clinical Sciences graduate from the University of Bradford. She is president of HYMS Sport Association and in her spare time enjoys running, baking and playing with her cat Bronte! 

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) ventured down to Bradford for a second year running to host their annual National Surgical Research Symposium on 1 April 2017. The conference is aimed at medical students and foundation doctors alike, from those who wish to know more about surgery, to those keen to apply for surgical training posts.

A view from the FOSIS Mind Over Chatter mental health conference

11 April 2017

Sabah Yasin is a third year medical student at HYMS with an interest in psychiatry. In her spare time, she enjoys knitting and reading.

On Saturday 18th March 2017, the University of Birmingham Medical School was host to FOSIS’s first ever mental health conference – “Remove the Label”. FOSIS (Federation of Student Islamic Societies) is an umbrella body representing Muslim students across the UK & Ireland. Supporting Islamic societies and the students trying to navigate their way through university, FOSIS runs many campaigns and projects through the year. November 2016 saw the launch of their latest campaign “Mind over chatter,” which aims to break the silence that still very much exists around mental health in the religious communities. A blog was set up for sufferers to share their stories, and soon came the conference, drawing students from every corner of the UK.

Students invited to HEAT 2017 ‘Leadership – Opportunities to Excellence’

30 March 2017

Alexandra Abel is a third year medical student at HYMS. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, and ukulele playing.


Hull Education and Training (HEAT) is our local annual medical education conference. Now in its sixth year, with many successful events to build on, HEAT is hosted by Medical Education at Hull Royal Infirmary and the Hull Institute for Learning and Simulation (HILS). The photos in this post are from last year's HEAT event. The HEAT 2017 team would like to invite healthcare students (including those from HYMS and Nursing) to their event and to submit an abstract if they so wish. Academic and clinical tutors are also most welcome to attend. Please note, this conference falls on a Friday, therefore any student who would like to attend who has teaching scheduled on the day of the event must complete a leave of absence request as soon as possible.

Meeting the Dean: Part One

06 March 2017
Professor Una Macleod was interviewed by Alexandra Abel, Chaitra Dinesh and Vassili Crispi.
In the first of our three-part series of interviews, we aim to help staff and students get to know HYMS' Dean, Professor Una Macleod, a little better. Una grew up in a small town near Inverness and attended medical school in Glasgow, where she continued to work until about six years ago when she came to HYMS. Una went on the co-found the Supportive care, Early Diagnosis and Advanced disease (SEDA) research group and took up the post of Dean of HYMS earlier this year. Since her appointment, she has been keen to engage with students – she even spent two hours on a Friday evening letting us interview her!

Highlights from the 4th HYMS National Undergraduate Surgical Conference

28 February 2017
Ella Evans is a first year medical student at HYMS. In her spare time she enjoys playing board games, watching videos of cute animals, and above all, sleeping. 


Saturday 28th January 2017 marked a day of excitement for many enthusiastic students considering a career in surgery as the fourth HYMS National Undergraduate Surgical Conference was hosted in Hull for the first time. Embracing the 2017 City of Culture theme, Hull welcomed students and faculties from around the country to inspire a new generation of future doctors.

Highlights from the SBNS/NANSIG Neurosurgery Careers Day 2017

15 February 2017
Prabhjot Malhotra is a third year international medical student at HYMS. He has a keen interest in neurology and neurosurgery, and is hoping to pursue an MSc in Clinical Neurosciences. Later this year, he will be presenting a motion for a discussion on medical education at the National BMA Student Conference as a HYMS delegate. In his spare time, Prabhjot enjoys competing in chess and poker tournaments, playing the violin, and travelling around the world to explore different walks of life.
For the past five years, the Neurosurgery Careers Day hosted by the Neurology and Neurosurgery Interest Group (NANSIG) and the Society of British Neurological Surgeons (SBNS) has inspired and guided the enthusiastic minds of medical students considering a career in neurosurgery. This year was no different, and on 21 January, the sixth annual SBNS/NANSIG Neurosurgery Careers Day held at The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) yet again shed light on the path towards becoming a neurosurgeon - and what lies beyond.

Breast surgeon and cancer patient Liz O'Riordan comes to HYMS

23 January 2017

Liz O'Riordan (@liz_oriordan) was interviewed by Alexandra Abel (@alexandraabel).

Liz O’Riordan is a Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon. In 2015, she was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer. Since her diagnosis, Liz has maintained an award-winning blog, where she chronicles her experience of dealing with cancer and being a patient and a doctor in her own speciality. Liz is an inspiring speaker and, lucky for us, she is coming to HYMS! She will be a keynote speaker at the upcoming 4th HYMS National Undergraduate Surgical Conference (Saturday 28th of January at the Medical Education Centre, Hull Royal Infirmary). We caught up with Liz before she visits us – because we’re just that excited to meet her!

An interview with Dr David Lyness: HYMS graduate and founder of

17 January 2017

David Lyness (@Gas_Craic) was interviewed by Alexandra Abel (@alexandraabel).

Dr David Lyness graduated from HYMS in 2013 and is currently an Anaesthetics/ICU Trainee in Northern Ireland. While at HYMS, David co-founded the pre-hospital care programme in Yorkshire, and was the academic forum lead for two years. More recently, David set up his website which showcases his original infographics, as well as signposting other useful resources for medical students. I caught up with David to tell us more about his exciting new website.

Highlights from the Rural GP Association of Scotland Conference 2016

05 December 2016
Catherine Lawrence is a 5th year medical student at HYMS, budding GP and part-time balloon modeller. When not hard at work, she can be found hiking, bouldering or camping with her Cubs or Guides.
In mid-September, 5th year was just beginning for me. I was looking forward to my final few months of being a medical student, before being spring-boarded into my Foundation Years as a doctor. But something was holding me back from full enthusiasm, and it didn’t take long to figure out… I was suffering from a case of the post-elective blues! My summer spent in rural general practice on the Isle of Tiree was a whirlwind of excitement, and I was missing everything about Scotland – the scenery, the people, the weather, and the copious amount of helicopters.

This Might Hurt: an important play about the NHS

18 November 2016
Chaitra Dinesh is an over enthusiastic, blindly optimistic second year medical student who likes to do everything and anything interesting. A few of her interests include playing the sitar, rugby, medicine, religion, life and humanity. In her spare time she sleeps or watches BBC iPlayer.
John Godber is known for being one of the most performed playwrights in the UK; and has strong ties to Hull. “This Might Hurt” is his latest local play and a particularly important one. It tells the tale of a personal journey through the NHS, based on Godber’s own experiences. As a medical student, I was intrigued to learn about his experiences of the NHS and how they differed from my own. The play follows the protagonist ‘Jack’ as he navigates his own diagnosis and treatment, and subsequently the care of his Aunty Betty. Three incredibly talented actors bring the story to life: Rob Angell who plays Jack; and Josie Morley and Rachel Abbey, who together play the other 27 characters including doctors, nurses, and patients!

Highlights from Neurotrauma 2016

11 November 2016
Rebecca Walker is a third year medical student at HYMS and a Human Bioscience graduate from the University of Exeter. In her spare time she likes running, skiing and posting pictures of her new puppy on Instagram.
On 20th October 2016, leading experts from a wide range of specialties met at the Royal Geographic Society in London for the annual UK Neurotrauma Symposium. As the HYMS Student Blog reporter for the event, I was lucky enough to be joining them. A day filled with fascinating talks, poster presentations, and some fairly gruesome videos awaited.

We didn't see anyone cry in Camp Petra

07 November 2016

Emily Westlake is a fourth year medical student, currently intercalating in Global Health at the University of Bristol. Her interests include travelling, mixed martial arts, and reading. She plans on pursuing a career in Global Health. 



Aydin Koksal is a fourth year medical student, currently intercalating in Clinical Anatomy at the University of Hull. His interests are travelling, music, and arts.

We are Emily and Aydin. We are both fourth year medical students at the Hull York Medical School. This past summer, we spent some time at the refugee camp, Camp Petra, in Katerini/Greece, as volunteers of the organisation Borderfree Association. Here is a glimpse of our experiences.

My intercalated degree in Public Health

28 October 2016
Kathryn Harvey is a fifth year medical student recently returned from intercalation. She has a particular interest in public health and medical research. In her spare time she enjoys hillwalking, reading, and travelling.
I recently returned to fifth year after taking a year out to do a Masters in Public Health at the University of York. I return for my final year of medical school with a mixture of apprehension and excitement, but reflect on my intercalation year as a great experience. There are arguments for and against intercalating and, whilst it is not for everyone, there are many reasons to consider doing an intercalated degree.

#LearnLookLive campaign: a public education and fundraising project

04 October 2016
Katie Dean is a second year medical student at HYMS and founder of the #LearnLookLive campaign. In her spare time she likes to shadow surgeons in theatre, sing and DJ at local events, fundraise and shoe shop.
During my first year at HYMS, I took the opportunity to spend a lot of my spare time in theatre and outpatient clinics with Mr Ian Bradford, Consultant colorectal surgeon at York Hospital. He became my mentor for the year. He taught me so much and at the end of the year, with such a long summer ahead, I thought it would be great to host a fundraising event and give something back to the hospital.