Dr Ed Richfield

Clinical Research Fellow

Ed is a Registrar in Elderly Medicine working in the Yorkshire Deanery, with a sub-speciality interest in movement disorders.  He is currently writing up his PhD (research fellowship supported by the Dunhill Medical Trust) on the adaptation and clinimetric validation of a needs assessment tool for clinicians to use for people with Parkinson's disease.

Ed is currently writing up his PhD, researching the palliative and supportive care needs of patients and caregivers with Parkinson’s disease.  This is part of a research fellowship supported by the Dunhill Medical Trust. He  has completed a systematic review and qualitative metasynthesis, an adaptation of the NAT:PD-C, face/content and construct validation and inter-rater reliability testing.



Richfield E, Alty J, Jones E. Palliative care for Parkinson’s disease: A summary of evidence and future directions. Palliative Medicine 2013: 27(9); 805–810

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Published Abstracts

Richfield E, Adams D, Jones E, Johnson M, Campbell C. Specialist palliative care for Parkinson's disease: experiences of a novel integrative service. 

Age Ageing (2014) 43 (suppl 1): i7.doi:10.1093/ageing/afu036.28

Richfield, E., Flemming, K., Badger, N., Johnson, M.; What are the supportive and palliative care needs of people with Parkinson's disease: Systematic review and synthesis of qualitative research? [abstract]. Movement Disorders 2014;29 Suppl 1 :453

Richfield E, Girgis A, Johnson M. Assessing Palliative Care in Parkinson’s Disease - Development of the NAT: Parkinson’s Disease. Palliative Medicine 2014: DOI: 10.1177/0269216314532748 

Adams D, Richfield E, Johnson M, Jones E & Campbell C. A specialist palliative care service for Parkinson’s disease: Review of end of life outcomes. 10.1136/bmjspcare-2014-000654.307 [abstract] 


Richfield E, Adams D, Jones E, Johnson M, Campbell C: A palliative care service for Parkinson's disease: Patient characteristics and service interventions abstract]. Movement Disorders 2012; 27 Suppl 1: 55


Positions of responsibility: 

1st International Conference for Parkinson’s disease palliative care – Faculty member - Oct 2015 


EU Joint Programme -Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) - Invited member on expert workshop – (Amsterdam) June 2014

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