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Tuesday 23 January 2018, Selection into Medicine: Who do we want, and how do we get them?

The most efficacious treatments will not translate into better health outcomes unless delivered by a conscientious and competent medical workforce. Over the last century or so there has been much effort put into selecting our future doctors and competition for medical school places has generally been fierce. Traditionally the emphasis has been on academic achievement and cognitive ability. More recently there has been increased attention to ‘non-cognitive’ traits (i.e. ‘personal qualities’), as well as an imperative to widening access to the medical profession to under represented groups. This is in context of Western health services where recruitment and retention to certain geographical areas and specialities has been challenging, whilst other medical posts are oversubscribed and highly competitive. Thus, there are, at times, apparently competing agendas at play.

We are now in a position where there are relatively large amounts of routinely arising data relating to the selection of medical students, and increasingly on their educational performance following graduation. In Britain some of these have been linked and form part of the newly established UK medical education database. Ideally such data would be linked to patient outcomes as at present it is unclear how doctors’ education profiles eventually translate into clinical effectiveness.  

In this talk recent relevant research findings will be described along with the ongoing key modelling challenges that this field of study presents.

Speaker: Paul Tiffin, Reader in Psychometric Epidemiology and NIHR Career Development Fellow, University of York

Location: Tuesday 23 Jan, 12noon – 1pm, First Floor Meeting Room, Hull York Medical Sschool Building, University of York; Meeting Room 4, Allam Medical Building, University of Hull; Videolink: Virtual Room 1001

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