Current postgraduate opportunities

  • Defining and measuring professionalism in Mental Health Staff: A mixed methods approach

    Applications are sought for student to undertake a mixed methods PhD exploring how mental health workers understand and exhibit professional values. A key component of this project will be to develop ways of constructing then measuring the understanding of professionalism in the mental health workforce. This project is anticipated as progressing in three stages:

    Stage 1: Defining 'professionalism' in a mental health service context

    Stage 2: Developing a pool of Situational Judgment Test items to evaluate 'knowledge of professionalism' in a mental health context

    Stage 3: Validation of final SJT items and Development of a Conscientiousness Index for Mental Health Professionals (CIMH)

    The overall output from this PhD will be a framework to conceptualise professionalism within a mental healthcare context, and an understanding of the extent to which this can be objectively measured and a pool of SJT items. These latter items could then be used as a component of Values Based-Recruitment  selection processes and funds are already available to create a web-based test delivery system.

    For informal inquiries, please contact Dr Paul Tiffin

    Location and Research Culture

    This studentship is based at the University of York, Heslington, UK. The student will join a dynamic research team formed in partnership between Hull York Medical School and Health Sciences at the University of York. The studentship will benefit from the complementary skills of the supervisory team with Dr Finn providing guidance in qualitative and semi-qualitative research methods and Dr Tiffin providing  training in quantitative approaches and advanced psychometrics. The student will also be able to access resources from an existing, externally funded, research programme focussed on clinical education and workforce issues.

    Named Academic

    Dr Gabrielle Finn,

    Dr Paul Tiffin


    Full-time UK/EU PhD Scholarships will include fees at the ‘home/EU' student rate and maintenance (£14,296 in 2016/17) for three years, depending on satisfactory progress.

    Start Date

    October 2016

    Qualification Required

    In order to qualify for this scholarship you will require an undergraduate degree with at least a 2.1, or equivalent, in a relevant subject.

    How to Apply

    All applications MUST BE submitted to the HYMS Postgraduate Centre via the online application method:  

    The deadline for applications is the 31st July 2016.

    Please quote HYMS with the scholarship title when applying. In order for the Panel to get a sense of your academic background, commitment and interest, you are required to complete the application form in full and provide a research proposal/outline of academic interest. Research proposals and personal statements may be used in selecting applicants for interview. If you have any queries on how to apply please email

    Please note that this is a student scholarship.  If you will be employed by HYMS (e.g. on a fixed or short term contract) for the duration of your study, you will not be eligible to receive the student scholarship as a member of HYMS staff.  You should contact Elaine Brookes in Postgraduate Admissions if you still wish to apply to discuss different options.

    Interview Date

    Applicants who are shortlisted for interview will be sent details of the date, time and venue via email within a week of the deadline. If you are not invited for the interview, it means that your application has not been successful. Please note that we do not offer feedback to applicants who are not invited to the interview.

    Interview Outcome

    As soon as reasonably practicable after the interviews have taken place HYMS will write to the successful applicant offering him/her the post. Upon receipt of formal written acceptance of the post we will write to notify unsuccessful candidates. Whilst we try to do this in as effective and efficient manner as possible, sometimes the process can take rather longer than is ideal because of the need to recall candidates for a second interview and reconvene interview panels and/or due to routine disruptions caused by leave and other absences. We apologise for any delay and inconvenience caused in these circumstances