The role of the mentor is to provide advice that is independent from the student’s Educational Supervisor and is not related to the ongoing educational performance of the student. 

The mentor can provide advice about careers, alternative learning opportunities, electives, curriculum vitae development, work life balance and may give initial advice about personal issues.   The mentor will provide appropriate advice and support but will also signpost students where necessary.  The mentor may also sometimes give advice where the student has raised professional issues with their Educational Supervisor and Phase Lead and where they have been concerned that these issues have not been fully addressed.  The mentor may act as an advocate on the student’s behalf in these circumstances. 

The mentor should seek consent of a student to discuss any difficulties with other members of HYMS staff, and there may be occasions when this is appropriate to do, particularly where it is important to raise an issue about health or mental health with the Student Support team, or to flag up a learning related issue to the Educational Supervisor or Phase Lead.

In years one and two the Personal Mentor is the PBL tutor. In years 3-5 the Personal Mentor is allocated to the student by the Student Support team. Where students have a good relationship with a HYMS tutor who is willing to become their Personal Mentor (e.g. because they have a subspecialty or research interest in common) then the student can request a specific person mentor by approaching the Student Support team.