Dr Liz Mitchell


Senior Lecturer in Primary Care


Liz Mitchell is a Senior Lecturer in Primary Care Research at the Hull York Medical School, and a visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Health Services Research at the University of Leeds.  She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Commerce before moving into the field of academic primary care, and obtained her PhD from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Glasgow in 2005.  Her doctoral study was a cluster randomized trial of feedback derived from electronic patient data, designed to allow primary care practices to take a population-based approach to decision making for targeting high-risk groups.  She has particular interests in the use of routine health data for decision making and quality improvement, and in the early diagnosis of cancer in primary care.  She has expertise in a range of applied health methodologies, particularly in systematic review and evidence synthesis.


Current and recent projects include:

Macleod U, Johnson M, Lind M, Boland J, Currow D, Dean D, Duthie G, Dyson J, Maraveyas A, Merali Y, Mitchell ED, Murtagh F, Seymour J, Walker E, Wohland P, Allgar V, Gabe R, Oliver S, Siddiqi N.  Reducing inequalities in cancer outcomes in Yorkshire: Realising our potential for innovation in diagnosis, patient management, survivorship and palliative care research.  Yorkshire Cancer Research; £4,945,546 (2017-2022)

Neal R, Shinkins B, Smith C, Mitchell E, Hall P.  Advantages, disadvantages and impacts of different diagnostic pathways in colorectal cancer: routine data analysis and stakeholder interviews.  CRUK Early Diagnosis Advisory Group; £83,310 (2017-2018)

Macleod U, Mitchell E (Co-PIs), Macdonald S, Algar V, Dunn L, Dyson J, Fielding T, Green T, Jayawardhena C, Whitaker K, Anderson G, Callister M, Loubani M, Rawcliffe V.  PEOPLE-HULL: Primary care and community Engagement to Optimise time to Presentation with Lung cancEr symptoms in HULL.  Yorkshire Cancer Research; £712,501 (2017-2020)

Macleod U, Mitchell ED, Gabe R, Rubin GR, Oliver S, Adams J, Duffy S, Finan P, Johnson M.  Cancer diagnosis via Emergency Presentation: a case-control Study (EMPRESS).  Cancer Research UK (National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative); £343,757 (2015–2018)

Hall PS, Meads D, Mitchell ED, Sharples L, Vinall K, Garner AE, Corps CL, Cairns DA, Wright J, Messenger MP, Lewington A.  The future for diagnostic tests of acute kidney injury in critical care: evidence synthesis, care pathway analysis and research prioritisation.  NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme; £176,842 (2014–2016)

Mitchell E.  Analysis and reporting of Significant Event Audits of cancers diagnosed as an emergency admission.  Yorkshire and Humber Strategic Clinical Network; £10,000 (2014)

Mitchell E.  Evaluation of Significant Event Audit reports for cancer: emergency presentations and early deaths.  North East Yorkshire and Humber Clinical Alliance (Cancer); £15,000 (2012)

Mitchell E, Macleod U, Rubin G.  An analysis of significant event audits for cancer diagnosis.  Phase 2.  Cancer Policy Team, Department of Health (part of NAEDI work programme); £117,423 (2010–2011)


Liz Mitchell delivers a module on “Cancer screening, awareness and detection” to Phase I students within the Special Interest Programme (SSIP) for the Hull based Centre for Health and Population Studies.

She also contributes to assessment of Critically Appraised Topics for Phase II.


Selected publications:

Hall PS, Mitchell ED, Smith A, Cairns D, Messenger M, Hutchison M, Wright J, Vinall-Collier K, Hamilton P, Corps C, Meads D, Lewington A.  The future for diagnostic tests of acute kidney injury in critical care: Evidence synthesis, care pathway analysis and research prioritisation.  Health Technology Assessment: in press (April 2017)

Mitchell ED, Czoski Murray C, Meads D, Minton J, Wright J, Twiddy M.  Clinical and cost-effectiveness, safety and acceptability of community intravenous antibiotic service models: CIVAS systematic review.  BMJ Open 2017; 7: e013560

Minton J, Murray CC, Meads D, Hess S, Vargas-Palacios A, Mitchell E, Wright J, Hulme C, Raynor DK, Gregson A, Stanley P, McLintock K, Vincent R, Twiddy M.  The Community IntraVenous Antibiotic Study (CIVAS): a mixed-methods evaluation of patient preferences for and cost effectiveness of different service models for delivering outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy.  Health Services and Delivery Research 2017; 5(6)

Mitchell ED, Pickwell-Smith B, Macleod U.  Risk factors for emergency presentation with lung and colorectal cancers: a systematic review.  BMJ Open 2015; 5:4 e006965.

Mitchell ED, Rubin G, Merriman L, Macleod U.  The role of primary care in cancer diagnosis via emergency presentation: qualitative synthesis of significant event reports.  British Journal of Cancer 2015; 112: S50-S56

Neal RD, Tharmanathan P, France B, Ud Din N, Cotton S, Fallon-Ferguson J, Hamilton W, Hendry A, Hendry M, Lewis R, Macleod U, Mitchell ED, Pickett M, Rai T, Shaw K, Stuart N, Tørring ML, Wilkinson C, Williams B, Williams N, Emery J.  Is increased time to diagnosis and treatment in symptomatic cancer associated with poorer outcomes?  Systematic review.  British Journal of Cancer 2015; 112: S92-S107.

Treweek S, Lockhart P, Pitkethly M, Cook JA, Kjeldstrøm M, Johansen M, Taskila TK, Sullivan FM, Wilson S, Jackson C, Jones R, Mitchell ED.  Methods to improve recruitment to randomised controlled trials: Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis.  BMJ Open 2013; 3:2 e002360.

Mitchell ED, Rubin G, Macleod U.  Understanding diagnosis of lung cancer in primary care: qualitative synthesis of significant event audit reports.  British Journal of General Practice 2013; 63: e37-e46.

Browne S, Dowie A, Mitchell ED, Wyke S, Ziebland S, Campbell N, Macleod U.  Patients' needs following colorectal cancer diagnosis: where does primary care fit in?  British Journal of General Practice 2011; 61: e692-99.

Treweek S, Mitchell E, Pitkethly M, Cook J, Kjeldstrøm M, Johansen M, Taskila TK, Sullivan F, Wilson S, Jackson C, Jones R, Lockhart P.  Strategies to improve recruitment to randomised controlled trials.  Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2010, Issue 4. Art. No.: MR000013

Macleod U, Mitchell ED, Burgess C, Macdonald S, Ramirez AJ.  Risk factors for delayed presentation and referral of symptomatic cancer: evidence for common cancers.  British Journal of Cancer 2009; 101: S92-S101

Mitchell E, Macdonald S, Campbell NC, Weller D, Macleod U.  Influences on pre-hospital delay in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer: a systematic review.  British Journal of Cancer 2008; 98: 60-70


Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Health Services Research, University of Leeds.