Dr Benjamin Pickwell-Smith


Yorkshire Cancer Research Doctoral Research Fellow and Honorary Specialist Registrar in Medical Oncology

Role at Hull York Medical School

I am a Clinical Research Fellow as part of the TRANSFORM group, for Transforming Cancer Outcomes in Yorkshire - funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research.

I am currently undertaking a PhD assessing the impact that secondary care has upon delays to cancer diagnosis and treatment initiation. I will be analyzing national databases to determine if delays contribute to worse outcomes. I will be looking at ways hospitals around the country and even the world have tried to reduce this diagnostic delay.


I studied Medicine and Surgery as an undergraduate at Keele University. I worked as a junior doctor in Oxford and my subsequent medical training was undertaken in Leeds. As a speciality registrar in Medical Oncology I have worked in Preston, The Christie Hospital, York and Leeds. I have now taken time out of training to work with the Academy of Primary Care and the TRANSFORM group. My research will focus on ways we can improve our time to diagnosis treatment of cancer.


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