Dr Mabel Okoeki


Research Associate

Role at Hull York Medical School

Mabel is currently working on the Proactive Anticipatory Care Evaluation (PACE) study aimed at improving the health of older people. She is responsible for the day-to-day running of the project.


Mabel is an experienced health researcher working on the PACE project at the Wolfson Palliative Care Centre at the Hull York Medical school where she is responsible for the day to day management of the project. Other responsibilities include developing of study documentation and research ethics and governance application, liaising with collaborators, conduction of research fieldwork, collection and analysis of study data as well as preparing reports and publications.

Prior to this, she was involved in collaborative work by the University of Leeds and community catalyst on choice making pathways in social care, highlighting how care is chosen, barriers and access to care and support. She was also part of the team that developed the campaign to increase cervical screening uptake in Middleborough. Her research interests are behaviour change using existing and modification of health change models, health service utilisation and health improvement, Cancer screening and general health promotion. Her research interest led to her completing her PhD “Cervical screening in young women: an exploration of issues associated with participation and non-participation using a grounded theory“ in 2017.

Her specific expertise is in mixed method research, sexual health, health promotion and health improvement. Over the years she has developed further interest in health inequalities, health system research, global health promotion especially in cancer research (awareness, prevention and management) in low-income communities/countries, as well as women and older people’s health.


Young people and cervical cancer screening-Grounded theory study participation and non-participation in cervical cancer screening (2013-2017) - An individual project where involved in the planning, management and conduction of the project using qualitative methodology. Manuscripts of the study are currently undergoing reviews in other peer review journals.

Choice making pathway in social care project (2015) - I was involved was conducted at the University of Leeds in conjunction with community catalyst Harrogate on choice making pathway in social care. I was responsible for the management and conduction of the project as well as producing materials for dissemination of the output.

Evaluation Improving Public Health Middlesbrough Council; A campaign to improve the coverage of cervical screening in Middlesbrough (2015/2016). As an insight worker, I was responsible for the qualitative component of the project and output informed the development of interventions as well as the campaign to change screening behaviour.


A full publication list can be viewed here.

Selected publications

Okoeki, M. O., Steven, A., & Geddes, L. (2016). Psychological factors affecting participation in cervical screening for young women: a qualitative study. The Lancet, 388, Supplement 2, p. 82.

Wright, K., Catley A., Okoeki, M.O. (2016). Choice Making Pathway in Social Care and Support. Research report.


Lancet Public health research conference 2016- November 25th 2016- Cardiff UK. Poster presentation.

Faculty of Public Health Annual Public Health Conference 2015; The Politics of Healthy Change - 23 & 24 June at Sage, Gateshead. Poster Presentation

The 2014 controlling cancer summit; O2 Arena London; 12th through 14th May 2014- Poster Presentation.