Mr Priyad Ariyaratnam

BM BSc (hons) MRCS

Academic Clinical Lecturer

Role at Hull York Medical School

I am a cardiothoracic surgical registrar at Castle Hill Hospital and am currently undertaking my doctorate (MD) at HYMS.

  1. Southampton Medical School 2007 
  2. Intercalated BSc 2006
  3. MRCS 2010
  4. MENSA 2011
  5. European Young Investigator (EACTS) 2012

My Medical Doctorate project is looking at the vasoactivity of human pulmonary arteries in both isolated ring and perfused whole lung models to establish factors that may contribute to pulmonary hypertension. The research is a collaboration between HYMS (under Professor Alyn Morice) and the cardiothoracic department at Castle Hill Hospital (under Mr Loubani).


Anatomy demonstration at HYMS

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