Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Message from Professor Una Macleod, Dean

As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve we remain focused on supporting our communities and keeping them safe.

Over recent months members of our community have come together to share knowledge, to collaborate and to support each other during what continue to be unprecedented times.  

We have transition to remote working and online delivery across our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, have supported the progression of students across our programmes, and ensured our research students and colleagues have been able to continue their research and advance improvements in healthcare – diagnosis, treatment and care. We have also supported our Medicine graduates as they have entered the NHS workforce early.

Our Hull York Medical School community has also supported our wider communities – providing knowledge and support which is making a real difference to patients and their families during what we know are difficult circumstances.

Now more than ever before, our NHS needs confident, compassionate exceptional doctors who are able to provide research, knowledge and skills to tackle health challenges now and in the future.

As we look ahead to the next academic year we are committed to working with our NHS and University partners to welcome the next generation of health professionals and support them to make a real difference to patients.

Professor Una Macleod, Dean and GP

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