Interview tips from current students

First year Medicine student Sam shares his experiences of having a Multiple Mini Interview at Hull York Medical School, and shares his tips for the day.

"When I first got my invitation I felt over the moon, I honestly cannot describe the feeling I got when I received the email, that being said though, the feeling very quickly turned to fear and I became very worried about what they would ask and how scary were the interviewers going to be.

"Arriving on the day was very much the same although just before you sort of step into this idea of 'the silence before the storm'. You become calm even though you know what’s about to happen and I spoke to several people who felt the same, it really is an odd feeling.

"At the end of the day I felt quite good overall, despite my reservations at how I’d done, the reassurance given by the staff and students at the medical school was enough to make feel that it was going to be fine.

"I chose Hull York very much for the reasons I’ve already mentioned; the staff are great at helping you with whatever problems you have and they genuinely want to help you succeed - which when you’re on a course as tough as this one, is a nice feeling to have.

"Another great thing is as we have more contact time with patients and all the teaching staff are practicing clinicians we get more useful information which we can apply to clinical practice and improve our learning.

"The best thing about being placed at Hull is the facilities; the Allam Medical School is brilliant and we have two great hospitals within a 10 minute drive which really is helpful for us as we get some excellent placements.

"For someone preparing for interview I would say don’t take yourself too seriously, I know you’re applying to medical school and that’s tough but no one likes a robot. Be yourself, show you have a personality and you’re not just showing the interviewers what they want to see.

"My other tip would be research, make sure you are up to date on current health policy and issues as they will ask you about them, if in an interview you don’t know about one, say you don’t. Do not lie to the interviewers, if you don’t know they will help you out."

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