Governance and compliance of the Daisy Tumour Bank

The Daisy Tumour Bank operates strict standard operating procedures in order to maintain sample integrity and patient confidentiality, in accordance with the Human Tissue Act 2004.

The Daisy Tumour Bank acquired a Human Tissue Authority licence in 2015 for the legal storage of human material. The Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has given their approval of the bank to enable collection of biological material and associated data.

Day-to-day activities are discussed at the Human Tissue Authority Compliance Team meetings. Issues which cannot be resolved by this team or require escalation are referred to Hull York Medical School Board and/or Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Board.

The Daisy Tumour Bank team is a member of the local Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust HTA Committee, whose role is responsibility for the management of Trust-wide HTA issues to maintain compliance with the Human Tissue Act 2004.

All handling of tissue by the Daisy Tumour Bank is regulated by the Human Tissue Act 2004. The Daisy Tumour Bank is licensed by the Human Tissue Authority to store human tissue (licence number 12078) and complies with the Human Tissue Authority Standards as stated in the applicable Codes of Practice. Our latest Human Tissue Authority Inspection Report can be accessed on the Human Tissue Authority website. Documented procedures are in place for all activities relating to the handling and storage of human tissue including patient consent, confidentiality, handling and disposal of human tissue, contingency arrangements, adverse events, management of records, risk management and staff training.

Reporting structure
Governance flow chart for the Daisy Tumour Bank