SAPC North Conference (Online)

Society for Academic Primary Care North Conference (Online)

12 November 2020

Here at Hull York Medical School, our Academy of Primary Care is delighted to be hosting the first ever online version of the annual Society for Academic Primary Care North Conference.

Join us at this year’s conference to celebrate all that we do so that we can optimise the impact of our work. 

The Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) is the representative body for all UK departments of Academic Primary Care and the lead academic primary care organisation in the UK.

About the Conference

The theme for the meeting will be Championing the Knowledge Work of Primary Care: celebrating the scholarship that lies at the heart of excellent primary care; whether research, education or the clinical scholarship of practice. 

The Conference includes opportunities to present research, education, quality improvement and student projects. There will be a Masterclass on Writing a research Question and we are inviting people to submit ideas they would like to present and discuss. Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard – past Chair of the Royal College of GPs – will be joining us for a panel debate on future directions for academic primary care.

We want to create a space for as many people as possible to meet together, share your work and so start conversations that can continue beyond the time we spend together online.

Our dedicated conference website will provide the platform from which we meet on the day and share our conversations. We will then use the website as a tool to publicise your work and our expertise beyond the meeting – a 'digital brochure' of work across SAPC North that we will send out to key stakeholders. 

Features of this year’s meeting

Share your work to start a conversation: Themed oral presentation sessions using an elevator pitch format to celebrate what you have been doing and help you get in touch with other people doing similar work; with opportunity to contribute to a post-Conference 'brochure' to let wider audiences know about your work.

Writing a Research Question Masterclass: The first steps in any research and often the hardest. In this session, we invite 3 people/groups to bring their fledgling ideas to a Masterclass session with a panel of experienced researchers from across our discipline. Join us to see how they get on, and consider how this might help you get your project idea up and running.

Shape the future of our discipline: Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard – past Chair of the Royal College of GPs – will be joining us for a panel debate on future directions for academic primary care. How do we as an academic discipline need to change to ensure that we stay at the heart of driving the changes urgently needed? There are many discussions about the Future Doctor, but what about the future academic?

Building your career: Find out more about the array of opportunities to be found in academic work happening across the primary care community. Whether you are a student just starting out, or an academic/clinician on route, join us to find out more about options, and how SAPC and our community of primary care academics can help you.

Who should attend

All our sessions are designed to welcome everyone interested in primary care scholarship. Whether you are an educator, researcher or clinician – at the beginning (student or early career), middle or later stages of your career, there is something here for you.


We will be awarding a number of prizes including:

  • Best Champion: to the person who best champions why academic primary care matters through their poster, pitch, and discussions
  • Best Poster
  • Best Student Project
  • Mystery Prize (to be announced at the opening session)

How to take part in the Conference

Present your work – submit an abstract: We aim to accept all abstracts that describe work to support and improve primary care/general practice through scholarship (education and research). Please submit your 300 word (max) abstract to by deadline midnight on Wednesday 7th October with a Word document using the following headings: The Problem; Your Approach; The Learning; and Why it Matters. 

Submit a workshop: We have limited slots available to run a one-hour workshop at the Conference. We will prioritise workshops that are interactive, and include specific plans for dealing with the additional opportunities and challenge of using Zoom. Please submit your 400 word (max) proposal to outlining: Title; Workshop Goals; Format; Audience; and Speakers.

Apply for our Writing a Research Question Masterclass: The Masterclass provides an opportunity to bring your project idea to an experienced panel of researchers who will work with you on developing your idea into a focused question. A maximum of 3 submissions will be chosen to reflect the diversity of suggestions put forward. Please submit a 300 word (max) Word document to outlining: Why/how do you think research can help with the problem; What is your draft question; Where are you stuck; and What do you hope to get from the panel.

For full details please on how to take part, please visit the SAPC website.

How to register


  • £25 for staff
  • £10 for non-salaried students


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