What we do

Primary care workforce

Leads: Professor Joanne Reeve and Dr Kevin Anderson

With growing recognition that "More of the same won’t do", our Workforce theme leads new thinking and action to transform the multi-professional primary care workforce for 21st century needs.

We are lead contributors and key partners in regional and national programmes tackling primary care workforce redesign, including:


GP scholarship

Contact:  Professor Joanne Reeve

Funding: Society of Academic Primary Care

The Academy is a lead partner in a national body of work seeking to champion and cultivate the intellectual expertise at the heart of the profession of General Practice.

GP Scholarship is a programme of work being delivered in collaboration between the Society for Academic Primary Care, Society of Academic Primary Care and the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). Joanne Reeve heads up the work to reimagine professional practice, develop the resources needed to extend skills, and so contribute to revitalising general practice for 21st century primary care needs.

Advanced clinical practitioners - understand a new workforce

Contact: Dr Kevin Anderson

Funding: Includes Health Education England

Developing and delivering a new workforce for changing primary care needs is a regional and national priority. Dr Kevin Anderson is a key partner in local workforce redesign activities through his role as Director of Education in the Academy, and also GP lead for the local Advanced Training Practice hub at Haxby Group working with Haxby Partnership. The Academy is also supporting local Health Education England-funded scoping work to understand enablers and barriers to roll out of new workforce programmes.

Person-centred care in international medical graduates

Contact: Dr Aarti Bansal

Funding: NIHR In-Practice Fellowship

Dr Aarti Bansal is an experienced GP Educator with expertise in developing and delivering innovative programmes to support the educational needs of International Medical Graduates transitioning to UK primary care settings. Funded by a new NIHR In-Practice Fellowship, Dr Bansal will be developing a new research stream to understand the core components and impact of medical education in this area.

Academy Fellows: supporting extended roles in GP careers

Contact: Professor Joanne Reeve

The Academy is working with regional Health Education England partners and local Trusts to develop innovative posts for GPs looking for extended roles. The Academy offers a key role in helping understand and support the professional development needs of this growing group.

Understanding career motivation

Contact: Professor Joanne Reeve

Members of our Academic GP Career Group are taking a new look at why people are leaving medical training and careers. This unfunded project is part of the professional development activities for the Academic GP Training Group.