What we do

Quality, evidence and safety in primary care

Lead: Dr Liz Mitchell

Delivering high quality, safe care is a priority across the NHS. At the Academy of Primary Care, we recognise that some of the challenges to achieving this are different in the primary care context when compared with other areas of the health service. Primary care offers an open door to people presenting with

Who we are

any health-related problem. Primary care must act to both safely assess and filter a large volume of presented need, and deal with the growing proportion of people whose health needs are characterised by complexity and uncertainty. Dr Liz Mitchell leads this innovative body of work to take a critical fresh look at concepts of quality and safety in the primary care setting.

We currently have three areas of work within this theme, including:

  • We are a partner member of the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Cancer Awareness, Screening and Early Diagnosis (Dr Liz Mitchell)
  • We are the primary care representative for the NIHR Policy Research Unit in Health and Social Care Systems and Commissioning (Prof Joanne Reeve)
  • Quality and Safety issues within the TRANSFORM programme. New methodological development in Information Science and Evidence Synthesis to support the TRANSFORM goals to address inequalities in cancer outcomes.