People in the Health Professions Education Unit

Our health professions research experts

The Health Professions Education Unit brings together a team of high-profile world-class researchers, who have an international reputation for developing and disseminating innovative approaches to medical education.

Our scholars, researchers and educators represent a wide range of health professions such as medicine, nursing, dentistry and allied health, as well as having academic backgrounds in disciplines such as psychology, psychometrics, sociology, biomedical sciences and more.

In addition to our senior academic team, we have a vibrant postgraduate student community who are engaged in research projects at both masters and doctoral level. We welcome students to study with us - please see our postgraduate study information for further details.

Interim Director of the Health Professions Education Unit

Dr Paul Crampton, PhD, SFHEA, FAcadMEd

Paul is the lead for the HPEU scholarship activity including: discovery, integration, teaching and application. Paul's research is in both quantitative and qualitative paradigms with interests in workplace learning, professionalism, professional identity, fitness to practise, continuing professional development, workplace bullying and dignity, curriculum development, and regulation in the health professions.

Paul is Deputy Editor at the leading international journal in the field, Medical Education.

More about Paul and his work


Academic and research staff

People in the Health Professions Education Unit
Professor Lucy Ambrose MB BS Programme Director
Professor Peter Bazira Director of the Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences, Chair Board of Studies
Dr Jason Boland Director of Gateway to Medicine Year, Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Palliative Medicine
Dr Lauren Clunie Senior Lecturer in Clinical Anatomy
Dr Gill Durham Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Dr Charlotte Dyer Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Dr Georgios Efthimiou Lecturer in Microbiology
Professor Gabrielle Finn Honorary Professor
Dr Sean Frost Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences
Dr Becky Hill Lecturer in Biomedical Science, Programme Leader for the BSc in Human Biology
Dr Amelia Kehoe Lecturer in Medical Education Research
Professor Matt Morgan Deputy Dean and Professor of Renal Medicine and Medical Education
Dr Lewis Paton Lecturer in Data Science
Dr Kishan Rees Honorary (Teaching)
Dr Joanne Reeve Professor of Primary Care Research
Professor Chris Roberts Honorary Professor
Dr Kat Sanders  Senior Lecturer in Clinical Anatomy
Dr Marina Sawdon Director of Assessment
Professor Paul Tiffin  Professor of Health Services and Workforce Research
Dr Frank Vonken Lecturer in Medical Microbiology and Parasitology
Dr Cheryl Walter Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Dr Graham Williams Professor of Forensic Science, Programme Director
Dr Paul Whybrow Senior Lecturer in Health and Society
Dr John Williams Lecturer in Forensic Science

Programme tutors

Programme tutors in Health Professions Education Unit
Dr Andy Brown Senior Lecturer in Medical Education and Rheumatology
Dr Marie Cohen Director of Problem Based Learning
Dr Amaya Ellawala Lecturer in Medical Education
Dr Anna Hammond Director of Communication Teaching and Academic Lead for Clinical Skills & Reasoning
Dr Trevor Johnson Module Lead and Programme Tutor
Dr Bill Laughey PGCME Clinical Director
Dr Laura Sadofsky Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine
Professor Tim Swanwick Honorary Professor
Professor Martin Veysey Honorary Professor

Postgraduate research students

Find out more about the research undertaken by our PhD researchers on our postgraduate study page.

Current postgraduate students:

  • Lauren Aylott - PhD
  • Adam Durnin - PhD
  • Karen Kirkness - PhD
  • Rebecca Quinn - PhD
  • Dr Kishan Rees - MD
  • Dr Dane Vishnubala - PhD by Publication

Completed postgraduate students:

  • Dr Katie Bird - MD
  • Dr Megan Brown
  • Dr Angelique Dueñas
  • Dr Bill Laughey
  • Dr Alexandra Macnamara
  • Dr Usmaan Omer - PhD