People with cancer need good access to palliative care, but we understand that not everyone gets the same access to these services. This can affect how well people cope with the cancer, and affect their quality of life.

In this study, we are testing whether a large trial is feasible to see if the routine use of an assessment tool in cancer during routine practice makes a difference to patients.

About the project

Funder: Yorkshire Cancer Research
Time frame: October 2015 to January 2019
Contact for more details: Professor Miriam Johnson ( and Dr Joseph Clark (

The purpose of this project is to test whether a large cluster Randomised Controlled Trial of the needs assessment tool in cancer (NAT-C) in primary care is feasible.

We have adapted a form to help general practice doctors and nurses identify and manage the palliative care needs and concerns of patients and family carers.

We will conduct a small scale trial of 4 general practices. This will tell us whether a larger trial is possible to see if the use of this form in routine practice makes a difference to people with cancer.