Hull York Medical School colleagues to speak at international conference on emerging frontiers in health care and research

27 February 2020
Sri Ramachandra Medical Centre

Hull York Medical School have joined a conference in India organised by the Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research

Colleagues from Hull York Medical School joined health researchers and medical practitioners at a conference in India this week organised by the Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research (SRIHER).

The conference was a joint initiative between SIHER, Hull York Medical School, the University of Hull and Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The theme was ‘Emerging frontiers in health care and research’ and its aim was to bring together researchers and medical practitioners in the field of diabetes, endocrinology, metabolism and related fields, fostering interdisciplinary networking and promoting academic exchange of ideas.

Professor Una Macleod, Dean of the Medical School, says: 'As clinicians and researchers our aim is to make a difference to the lives of patients in our communities. Conferences such as this enable us to share insight and ideas, and generate partnerships, which will help increase understanding of conditions and the factors which impact health so that we might develop new interventions to improve outcomes'.

A national leader in cancer research, Professor Macleod presented on the subject of early detection of cancer in elderly. Colleagues from Hull York Medical School including Professor T Sathyyapalan, who provided insight into Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome; Professor Sunil Bandari who provided insight into geriatric and mental health and nephrology; Professor Matt Hardman, who provided insight into wound healing; and Dr Gavin Barlow who provided insight into infectious diseases joined her. Colleagues from the University of Hull’s Faculty of Health Sciences and Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust also joined them.

Comprising lectures and interactive workshops, the two-day conference provided an opportunity for researchers, including postgraduate research students, to showcase their research, present their ideas and facilitate knowledge sharing and partnership working between academics and clinical practitioners.

Hull York Medical School is the joint medical school of the Universities of Hull and York. It works in partnership with its universities and with NHS trusts and community health organisations to deliver exceptional medical education and world leading research. The School’s Medicine programme ensures its doctors are prepared to deliver outstanding care in a changing NHS environment through a focus on problem-based learning delivered by clinicians and early and sustained clinical exposure across a range of healthcare settings. Medical School researchers across Hull and York have a global reputation for their work which is impacting national and international health agendas and advancing improvements in healthcare – treatment, diagnosis and care in areas such as cancer research, palliative medicine, mental health and global public health.

For further information about the conference visit the SIHER website.