Medical School researcher to receive Royal Society Fellowship

14 December 2022
Trypanosoma brucei parasites

Dr Damian Perez Mazliah is to receive University Research Fellowship (URF) from the Royal Society.  

These fellowships are awarded to outstanding scientists who are in the early stages of their research career and have the potential to become leaders in their field.  

This Fellowship is one of 50 being awarded by the Royal Society for 2022 across UK and Ireland. Research fellows will be working on research projects spanning the physical, mathematical, chemical and biological sciences. 

Dr Perez Mazliah has been conducting research into protective and pathogenic mechanisms of B cell immunity in Chagas disease. He says: "Chagas disease, caused by Trypanosoma cruzi parasites, is the leading cause of infectious heart disease worldwide.  

"Despite affecting more than the estimated number of people suffering from Parkinson's disease or lupus globally, Chagas disease receives little attention from governments." 

"This award will allow us to discover underlying immune mechanisms involved in control and progression of Chagas heart disease. Hence, this research will generate foundational knowledge to aid in the production of novel therapies to combat this neglected tropical disease." 

Dr Perez Mazliah joins Dr Laura Clark, of the School of Physics, Engineering and Technology at the University of York, who will also receive a fellowship. 

The University Research Fellowship scheme was established to identify outstanding early career scientists who have the potential to become leaders in their fields and provide them with the opportunity to build an independent research career. After completion, many alumni secure tenured positions, and receive national or international recognition for their work

Professor Una Macleod, Dean of the Medical School says: "I am delighted that Dr Perez Mazliah is to receive a University Research Fellowship in recognition of his work. Supporting early career researchers is essential for future scientific discovery and we are grateful to the Royal Society for providing this opportunity." 

Royal Society University Research Fellowships for 2022