Professor Alyn Morice

Professor of Respiratory Medicine

Role at Hull York Medical School

Professor Morice is Academic Lead for respiratory research in the Clinical Sciences Centre. He is also an Honorary Consultant Physician at Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.


Respiratory Medicine forms part of the CCMR's focus, and consists of a number of sections: Respiratory; Cardiology; Diabetes & Endocrinology; and Vascular Surgery. The Centre aims to improve the therapeutics of the common conditions in each of these specialty areas through basic research, clinical trials and the application of these studies to clinical practice. As Head of Department, Professor Morice is responsible for the administration and strategic direction of the department.


Professor Morice specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of cough, and runs the Hull Cough Clinic. He also runs the Hull Respiratory Clinical Trials Unit, specialising in the treatment of asthma and COPD.

The Hull Cough Clinic is one of the largest centres within Europe, with an international pattern of referral. Unique investigational strategies provide diagnosis and treatment advances, which are incorporated into national and international guideline documents.

Professor Morice has led the European Respiratory Society and British Thoracic Society Taskforces on Cough. 

  • HYMS plenary lectures
  • The pharmacology of the autonomic nervous system
  • Regulation of breathing and cough
  • Pharmacology of airways obstruction
  • HYMS Year 3 Cardiovascular Respiratory & Dermatology (CVRSD) group, teaching on Cough (3x per semester)

Alyn's publications are available on the University of Hull Research Repository.


Professor Morice has collaborated with a wide range of national and international institutions and companies.