Dr Amelia Kehoe


Research Associate

Role at Hull York Medical School

Research Associate in the Health Professions Education Unit. Amelia is currently working on a project for the General Dental Council looking at experiences of Fitness to Practice. Amelia has recently helped to complete an NIHR funded project exploring inequalities in clinical academia.


Amelia obtained a PhD from Durham University in 2017, her thesis exploring the impact of interventions to support overseas doctors in their transition to the UK workplace: using a realist approach. This work has had large impact and led to many other opportunities on this topic, for example supporting the development and evaluation of a similar intervention for refugee doctors in the North East. Amelia has been invited to speak and conduct workshops many times, both nationally and internationally, about her work in this area and the use of realist methodologies.

Amelia then became a research associate at Newcastle University, initially employed to support a largescale realist research project exploring how education/training leads to patient benefit (Department of Health).

Whilst there, Amelia worked on a number of other projects for Health Education England and regulators. For example, she was principle investigator evaluating GMCs Welcome to UK Practice (WtUKP), an induction to support doctors starting practice in the NHS from outside of the UK. Many of the recommended changes are now in place following completion of this work. She was also principle investigator for a project exploring the characteristics of effective clinical and peer supervision in the workplace (Health and Care Professions Council).


Amelia's research interests within medical education are mainly at the postgraduate level. She has worked up a body of work exploring international medical graduate transitions to UK practice. She also has a particular interest and expertise in realist methodologies.


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