Professor Richard Gale


Professor of Ophthalmology

Role at Hull York Medical School

Professor Gale leads a team of researchers in Ophthalmology and Clinical Visual Science with particular focus on Macular Degeneration.


Professor Gale is an internationally renowned expert in Medical Diseases of the Retina, practising in York and North Lincolnshire.

Training in Yorkshire, Cambridge and Moorfields Eye Hospital, he completed a PhD in Macular Degeneration at the University of York.

Having published over 100 papers he has particular interest in Biomarkers, Screening, Artificial Intelligence and Clinical Trials to improve the lives of those with Macular Degeneration. He works with many international organisations.


The common goal for Professor Gale’s research is to improve the quality of life of those with Macular Degeneration by translating research outcomes into clinical practice. The visual science and clinical trials are therefore tailored to delivering a change in practice in a meaningful time frame.


Professor Gale supervises a team of both Clinical and non- Clinical Ophthalmology research fellows.


Professor Gale collaborates widely with a number of teams in York, the UK and internationally who share the same goal.

Postgraduate research supervision

Professor Gale has supervised PhD and MD students studying ocular and visual pathways imaging, variation in outcomes and clinical trials in the field of Macular Degeneration. He currently has opportunities to join a team studying screening, monitoring and the use of Artificial Intelligence in this field.

External roles

Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board- deputy (and former) chair of the Specialist Advisory Committee.

Deputy (and former) Chair of the national ARCP panel

Medical Ophthalmology Training Programme Director, Yorkshire and Humber, Royal College of Ophthalmologists- Academic Committee and Training Committee.

Vision Academy- associate steering committee member

Honours and awards

Former President of the Medical Ophthalmology Society (UK) 2019-2022
PJ Hey Medal for services to ophthalmology (NEOS)

NIHR RCOphth Researcher of the year (commercial) ​2016

‘Best clinical service’​(Macular Society)​ 2013European Vision and Eye Research congress poster Prize​ 2006

Brian Harcourt Ophthalmology Prize 2003 and 2005

Marie Comer Anglian Prize in Ophthalmology (Cambridge)​ 2002

Tomlin Prize in Ophthalmology​ (University of Leeds)​1997

Fattorini Prize in Clinical Psychiatry (University of Leeds)​1996

Nat West Chemical Pathology Award (University of Leeds)​1994

MaCloghlin Scholarship (Royal College of Surgeons of England)​1992