Professor Adele Fielding


Head of Experimental Medicine and Biomedicine and Professor of Haematology

Role at Hull York Medical School

I am a clinical academic working on acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in adults. My work includes a basic lab research program investigating the bone marrow microenvironment as well as a clinical trials program. My clinical work is carried out at Hull University Teaching Hospitals.


Adele Fielding graduated from UCL in psychology and medicine and undertook haematology subspeciality training in London. Her PhD on targeting retroviral vectors to haematopoietic cells was carried out at the LMB Centre for Protein Engineering in Cambridge.

After her first faculty position at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, she returned to UCL in 2003. She relocated to HYMS in 2023. She is a past President of the British Society for Haematology. She chairs the European Working Group on ALL.


My research interest is adult acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL). My overall goal is to understand the biology that underpins the age-related outcomes in ALL and to develop strategies to exploit this understanding for patient benefit. I aim to do this using my skills as a clinician scientist to work across the full translational cycle. I have been the grant holder and chief investigator for two CRUK-funded, national academic clinical trials, UKALL14 and UKALL60+ and I am working to set up UKALL15.

My lab has provided the central laboratory minimal residual disease testing and biobanking support for national ALL trials and as such has access to numerous diagnostic and follow-up specimens, which together have formed the basis for a CRUK program grant “Personalising therapy for adults with ALL” held jointly with Prof Anthony Moorman, Newcastle. I hold several other grants (MRC, CRUK and UCLH Charity) which fund my lab’s studies on the ALL microenvironment.


I contribute to the medical school SSIP program and teach graduate students from the BMS program.


Anthony Moorman Newcastle
Amy Kirkwood UCL
Marc Mansour UCL
Clare Bennett UCL

Postgraduate research supervision

I am always happy to supervise interested masters and PhD students but do not have any explicit funding to hand. I currently supervise 4 PhD students and 2 MSc students.

External roles

Chair of the European Working Group on adult acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (EWALL)

Chair of the Blood Cancer UK Action Plan Task Force

Hon Professor Haematology, UCL

Honours and awards

Past President of the British Society of Haematology