Ms Alison Bravington

BA, BSc, MSc

Research Associate


Alison currently works on a Yorkshire Cancer Research funded study looking at uptake of cervical cancer screening in women aged 55-64.

Alison originally took a degree in English literature and a professional diploma in publishing and book production, and worked as a writer, editor and indexer for publishing houses in Oxford and London for fifteen years. After requalifying with a BSc in psychology (1stClass), Alison worked as an academic research assistant while taking a Masters in Social Research and Evaluation (Distinction), and subsequently as a qualitative methods tutor and undergraduate research project supervisor. She has also worked as a research assistant and campus working partner on projects examining professional collaborative working in end-of-life care, cancer and long term conditions, health and well-being in community group participation, and students’ experiential learning on practice placements across a range of academic disciplines. Her Masters thesis trialled the application of a visual tool used in qualitative research interviews as a method of reflective practice for nursing and midwifery students, and she has a special interest in visual research methods. 


Alison is currently working on the Yorkshire Cancer Research funded study looking at Cervical Cancer Screening in Older Women aged 55-64. Her PhD is examining the effects of social context on the experiences and expectations of people who have recently undergone primary treatment for breast, colorectal or prostate cancer. The doctoral study involves longitudinal in-depth interviews using photo-elicitation, with constructivist grounded theory as its method of analysis. Date for submission is March 2018.


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