Professor Andrew Clark


Chair in Clinical Cardiology

Role at Hull York Medical School

Professor Clark is the head of the department of Academic Cardiology, one of the leading institutions for research in heart failure in Europe.


Professor Clark was educated at Pembroke College, Cambridge, and trained in medicine at the Westminster Medical School. He trained in cardiology at Manchester Royal Infirmary, the National Heart and Lung Institute (London) and the Western Infirmary, Glasgow.

He became a Senior Lecturer in cardiology in the University of Hull in 1999 and was promoted to Reader in 2004 and then Professor in 2009. He is responsible for running the echocardiography service in Hull, and he plays an active role in the day-to-day provision of cardiology services to the population of Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. 

He is Chair of the British Society for Heart Failure, and is a member of the working groups for Heart Failure and Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology in the European Society of Cardiology.


Whilst at the National Heart and Lung Institute, under the guidance of Philip Poole-Wilson and Andrew Coats, Professor Clark developed an interest in exercise physiology, particularly in patients with heart failure. He is interested in the natural history of heart failure and runs the largest database of patients with heart failure in Europe allowing the tracking of large numbers of patients. More recently, he has become interested in palliative care and the alleviation of symptoms for patients in the last stages of their illness. 


Professor Clark lectures all the years in HYMS, mainly on cardiovascular medicine. He takes a group of third years and is responsible for making certain that they can read an ECG before they leave!


Professor Clark has published over 300 papers, predominantly in the general area of heart failure, but including some work on contraception in primary care! Recent papers in include: 

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