Dr Caitriona Dennis


Lecturer in Medical Education

Role at Hull York Medical School

Cait is a Lecturer in Medical Education in the Health Professions Education Unit (HPEU). Her role includes faculty development of tutors, supporting and coordinating their educational development. Cait also leads and supports modules in the postgraduate Health Professions Education and in the Medicine with a Gateway Year programme.


Cait has over ten years of experience in faculty development in health professions education. She joined HYMS in September 2023. Prior to this role, she worked at University of Leeds where she led the CPD programme to support educational development in the medical school and more recently, led people-centred design sprints to support introduction of a university-wide curriculum. Cait has a PhD in Biophysics and is Senior Fellow of AdvanceHE.


Cait's main research interests lie in faculty development in health professions education and the wider educational community. Also the development of educator identity amongst pracademics.


Cait is a tutor and supervisor on the MSc, Diploma and Certificate in Health Professions Education programmes. She also contributes to teaching on the Medicine with a Gateway Year programme.

Postgraduate research supervision

Cait welcomes enquiries from prospective students interested in undertaking a postgraduate research degree in areas such as faculty development, evaluation of training and educator identity.