Dr Holly Wilkinson


Lecturer in Wound Healing

Role at Hull York Medical School

Lecturer in Wound Healing


Dr Holly Wilkinson completed her PhD in Biomedical Sciences, focusing on the role of cellular senescence and metals in wound repair. She has extensive experience with in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo wound models. Her current interests span ageing, diabetes and wound infection (e.g. biofilms).


Our research group is focused on understanding why chronic wounds fail to heal so we can develop more effective treatments. We do this by elucidating the molecular and cellular correlates of pathological wound repair using lab-based wound models and patient tissue. Our major current interests are understanding how:

1. The temporospatial distribution of metals in our skin and wounds affects healing.
2. Skin bacteria contribute to poor healing and how we can prevent/treat wound infections.
3. Cellular senescence is linked to poor wound repair in ageing and diabetes.