Dr Katerina Steventon

Business Development Manager

Role at Hull York Medical School

Katerina is the Business Development Manager for the Skin Research Centre.


Dr Katerina Steventon is a skincare specialist with substantial experience of working at the clinical, commercial and research interface. She holds an MSc in Clinical Biochemistry, a PhD in Transdermal Absorptions and has over 25 years of global work experience in the personal care and wound care industries including the BBSRC and Innovate UK funded National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC Phase 1).

Katerina has in-depth knowledge of skin biology and a comprehensive understanding of consumer and technology trends. Passionate for innovation, she appreciates the importance of understanding of consumer needs and fast translation of science into products.

In her role at the Skin Research Centre, Katerina's focus is on building strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders, championing knowledge sharing across different fields, and advocating for the global importance of skin research and innovation. This advocacy aligns with her dedication to enhancing the well-being of consumers and patients alike.