Dr Katie Wraith


Lecturer in Cardiovascular Biology

Role at Hull York Medical School

Katie is a Lecturer in Cardiovascular Biology at the Hull York Medical School. She is principal investigator of a laboratory investigating how platelets and the coagulation pathway function in cardiovascular diseases.


Katie completed her PhD in Medical Sciences at the Hull York Medical School in 2013 investigating the influence of oxidised low-density lipoproteins on platelet function and signalling in the laboratory of Professor Khalid Naseem. Following on from this, she worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in platelet biology in Professor Naseem’s laboratory for four years. In 2022 she began work as a Senior Laboratory Research Scientist within the cardiovascular research laboratory of Professor Tim Palmer at the Hull York Medical School and was appointed to Lecturer in Cardiovascular Biology in 2024.


Katie’s research focuses on how platelet and coagulation function are altered in cardiovascular diseases. In particular, her laboratory is interested in how oxidized low-density lipoproteins (oxLDL) or “bad cholesterol” can influence the activation of platelets and the coagulation pathway to result in a prothrombotic phenotype present in many cardiovascular diseases and specifically in atherosclerosis. Her research examines how oxLDL can enhance platelet activation and pro-coagulant responses as well as fibrin formation resulting in larger thrombi that are harder to break down.


Delivery of a Phase I SSIP module on Haemostasis and Thrombosis in Cardiovascular Diseases on the MB BS Medicine Programme.

Postgraduate research supervision

Enquiries from prospective students who wish to study for a PhD in the area of platelet and coagulation biology are welcome