Dr Katrien Van Bocxlaer


Lecturer in Skin Research

Role at Hull York Medical School

Dr Van Bocxlaer is a Lecturer in Skin Research based at the University of York. Her research interest focuses on drug delivery to the skin affected by infectious pathogen.


Katrien obtained an MPharm from the University of Ghent and specialised in formulation science at the University of Lyon. She later completed her PhD at the UCL School of Pharmacy during which she developed in vitro and in vivo models for cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) that were subsequently used as a model to demystify the triad between the host, the parasite and drug/formulation development.

Pharmacokinetic and –dynamic parameters of both topical and oral drug formulations are explored using a variety of techniques such as IVIS imaging, skin microdialysis and MALDI-MSI, providing insight into how skin pathology affects the efficacy of drugs and treatments. Findings are then translated towards the development of innovative and targeted formulations for example film-forming systems that target dermal drug delivery.