Professor Miriam Johnson


Professor of Palliative Medicine

Role at Hull York Medical School

Miriam is Professor of Palliative Medicine and Director of the Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre at the University of Hull.


Miriam Johnson is Professor of Palliative Medicine at Hull York Medical School, Director of the Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre at the University of Hull. She is Adjunct Professor of Palliative Medicine at the University Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia.

She is palliative care specialty joint lead for the Yorkshire and Humber Comprehensive Research Network and academic palliative care lead for the NIHR Integrated Academic Training Programme (and past IAT Director).

For twenty years (2000 to 2020), she also provided consultant palliative physician services to Scarborough General Hospital and Saint Catherine's Hospice, Scarborough where she set up one of the UK’s first integrated palliative care services for people with heart failure.


Miriam's research interests include:

  • mechanisms, management of and services for breathlessness and other neglected symptoms such as delirium;
  • inequalities in palliative care service provision e.g. for people with non-malignant disease such as heart failure and respiratory disease, and the use of needs assessment tools;
  • methods to conduct high quality palliative care research;
  • the social impact of advanced disease on the individual and their family and friends 

Projects employ a wide range of research methodologies (clinical trials of drug or complex interventions, qualitative studies, observational, secondary data analysis, data linkage studies) and collaborative partners are involved across different disciplines and countries. She has published widely and holds grants from a variety of bodies (NIHR, NHMRC, Dunhill Medical Trust, Marie Curie Cancer Care/CRUK, Yorkshire Cancer Research, British Heart Foundation).



  • Phase 1 Scholarship and Special Interest Programmes
  • Phase 2 Scholarship and Special Interest Programmes
  • Phase 2 Scarborough General Hospital students



  • Hull York Medical School/Saint Catherine's GP palliative care course
  • Modern Researcher, University of Hull


Postgraduate research supervision:

Miriam has been primary supervisor for seven successfully awarded PhD student/fellows, and co-supervisor for a further four.

She is currently primary supervisor to one PhD fellow and co-supervisor to one MD and five PhD students.


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