Dr Raghu Raghunath

Honorary Reader and Associate Director of Primary Care Education


I am currently a limited hours GP in inner-city of Hull (South Bransholme Health Centre) working alongside a most enthusiastic, committed and inspirational team of health professionals, dedicated to providing their very best and many a times going that extra length to a predominantly deprived, fairly complex and significant number of unemployed people with more than average mental and physical health issues, led and inspired by our own medical school graduate, who was once my GP trainee.

I have been involved with education all my life.

More formally though, as a GP trainer for nearly 15 years, FY2 trainer since its inception and to-date, and involvement with the medical school from its establishment in 2003 and ongoing; initially as a tutor in my practice, a role that I still continue to do and thoroughly enjoy! In the preceding ten years or so, in my role as Associate Director of Primary Care Education in Hull, I have shared the responsibility of quality assessment and promotion of excellence in teaching within GP practices, organisation and delivery of tutor training sessions and student clinical assessments, recruitment of tutors and practices, dealing with concerns raised by students and or tutors and latterly linking closely with the Director of Primary Care Education as well as the student liaison team.

With the recent expansion and imminent increased intake from 2019 of an additional 62 students, all my energies have been focussed on recruiting additional tutors and practices in Hull.

I obviously believe in medical education, and having been involved with teaching and training for more than two decades, I can honestly say this has been a most rewarding career experience and continues to be so-despite my age!

Hull York Medical School is an exciting medical school; its leaders are innovative, motivated, highly committed and experienced; the students receive wide breadth of experience and high quality teaching across all sectors and exposure to a range of disciplines; tutors are increasingly engaged with the curriculum and assessments, and I am fortunate, humbled and proud all at the same time to be part of this journey.