Rebecca Archer


Physician Associate

Role at Hull York Medical School

As the HYMS Physician Associate Graduate Tutor I am module lead for the Introduction to Medicine for Physician Associates module. I also act as academic supervisor for first year PA students.

I am particularly interested in the progression of the Physician Associate role and currently undertaking PhD research into Physician Associate educational and professional development within the HYMS Health Professions Education Unit.


Coming from a background in clinical research, I hold a bachelors degree in Biomedical Science. In 2016 I went on to train as a Physician Associate (PA) as one of the first PA cohort at HYMS. I now work at York Teaching Hospital as a PA and I am due to complete a two year preceptorship including rotations through primary care, oncology, cardiology and acute medicine.

I am now venturing into the world of education and academia as a HYMS PA graduate tutor and as a PhD student in medical education, researching Physician Associate education and professional development. I also hold a certificate in Health Professions Education and I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.