Professor Tarl Prow


Director, Skin Research Centre

Role at Hull York Medical School

My role in Hull York Medical School is to act as Director of the Skin Research Centre. Maintaining and developing externally-funded programmes of independent and internationally competitive research on the skin is of primary importance. I provide leadership in the Centre’s research strategy where I am keen to see interdisciplinary research thrive. Translational research underpinned by basic science discoveries is a key aspect that I believe will drive collaboration across the Medical School, York Biomedical Research Institute (YBRI) and beyond. Teaching within the Medical School and University enables the Centre to take part in training the next generation of clinicians and scientists.


Professor Tarl Prow has had a distinguished career in scientific research and academia, with a focus on dermatology, nanomedicine, and molecular pathology. His journey began as a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he developed nanomedicine-based strategies to treat retinopathy of prematurity. He then served as a Junior Faculty member at the same institution, expanding his research to include diabetes and sickle cell retinopathy. Prow also created and taught a course on Nanomedicine at the NIH/FAES, receiving outstanding participant reviews. His career then took him to the University of Queensland, where he served in various roles including Deputy Director and Associate Professor, focusing on the development of microdevices for skin research. He was also awarded the NHMRC Career Development Fellowship, where he worked on new technologies for skin cancer research. Prof Prow then moved to the University of South Australia as a Research Professor at the Future Industries Institute. Currently, he holds multiple positions including Director of the Skin Research Centre at the Hull York Medical School and Associate Dean for Partnerships, Engagement and International at the University of York, UK. His work continues to revolve around the intersection of dermatology, nanotechnology, and molecular biology.

Over the past decade, Tarl Prow has published research findings that explore innovative technologies and addresses significant pathologies in skin. His work has extensively focused on the development and application of minimally invasive technologies such as microbiopsy, a tool that allows for skin sampling with less discomfort and risk to patients. This technology has been studied in the context of Melanoma, Non-melanoma skin cancer, Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex, infectious disease and ageing skin. In addition, he has contributed to the advancement of physical drug delivery enhancement by developing a novel microparticle that can specifically target actives to specific skin strata. This technology aims to improve the delivery and efficacy of difficult actives.


Prof Prow has research programs that include early melanoma diagnostic technologies, skin cancer treatment, and the study of the consequences of environmental contaminant exposure to skin. He is investigating the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and molecular diagnostics for molecular diagnostic informed disease management.

Postgraduate research supervision

The Prow lab is currently recruiting students to work on projects including:

  1. melanoma diagnostic technologies
  2. novel skin cancer treatment
  3. environmental contaminant exposure to skin
  4. artificial intelligence for skin disease detection
External roles

Professor, Future Industries Industries Institute, Adelaide, Australia; Chief Scientific Officer, Founder and Director, Estrenue Pty Ltd, Adelaide, Australia; Director, Biopsy Solutions Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia.