Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The term vascular covers a broad range of conditions and this has been reflected in the many different questions that we received during this project.

To ensure that all vascular conditions are represented we have worked with our Steering Group to establish nine special interest groups (SIGS).

Each SIG has its own membership comprising allied health professionals (nurses, radiologists, technologists, trainees, physiotherapists) and patients.

SIG key activities
  • To help the JLA project by reviewing submitted questions in their specialist area
  • To help distribute the survey amongst their wider networks to help ensure their vascular condition is well represented in the JLA survey.
  • To support and promote research in these areas, develop and co-ordinate a portfolio of research studies and support relevant research education and trainee events. 
Our SIGs
Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Special Interest GroupChair/Deputy Chair
Aortic Professor Matt Bown
Mr Colin Bicknell
Access Mr George Smith
Mr Jonathan Siqueira
Amputation Professor Robert Hinchliffe
Mr David Bosanquet
PAD Mr Patrick Coughlin
Mr Athanasios Saratzis
Carotid Professor Alison Halliday
Mr Richard Bulbulia
Wounds Professor Ian Chetter
Diabetic Foot Professor David Russell
Venous Mr Dan Carradice
Service Organisation Professor Jonathan Michaels