Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Unlike PSPs undertaken in other clinical specialties, the broad nature of vascular conditions led the Vascular PSP to establish nine special interest groups (SIGs), categorised by an overarching vascular condition. This was a crucial step in helping to manage the large number of responses and to ensure that each area retained their important research questions.

The result was that the Vascular Specialty has effectively conducted nine individual PSPs, producing separate lists of top 10 priorities for research in the following areas:

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Special Interest GroupChair/Co-ChairDeputy Chair
Access George Smith Jonathan Siqueira
Amputation Robert Hinchliffe David Bosanquet
Aortic Matt Bown
Colin Bicknell
Carotid Alison Halliday
Dominic Howard
Richard Bulbulia
Diabetic Foot David Russell Joe Shalhoub
PAD Patrick Coughlin Athanasios Saratzis
Service Organisation Jonathan Michaels  
Venous Dan Carradice  
Wounds Ian Chetter  

Each SIG has its own membership comprising allied health professionals (nurses, radiologists, technologists, trainees, physiotherapists) and patients.

We encourage anyone interested to get in touch with the Special Interest Groups and let us know how you intend to use these priorities. The Special Interest Groups have been involved throughout the Vascular PSP, they have a wealth of experience within their group memberships and are keen to work with others who might be interested in pursuing any of these priorities.