Hull York Medical School hosts a day of multidisciplinary encounters with the corpse

28 November 2017
corpse encounters

Medical Encounters with the Corpse: Managing Social Identities and Emotional Labour

Scholars from across the country attended a multi-disciplinary research seminar hosted by Hull York Medical School on 9 November, entitled ‘Medical Encounters with the Corpse: Managing Social Identities and Emotional Labour’.

The seminar, organised by Dr Julie Seymour and Dr Trish Green, formed part of a three year ESRC-funded research seminar series on ‘Encountering the Corpse’. Speakers presented research from a range of medical contexts in which the dead body is encountered, including body donation for medical research, visual technologies in foetal and neonatal autopsy, and the end of life planning and post death memorialisation of transgender people. There was also a talk about memorialisation in natural burial sites. The seminar brought together academics from varied disciplines and professions including applied health researchers, sociologists, landscape architects, death and family studies researchers, and anatomy unit staff.

The seminar was followed by a City of Culture event, ‘Re-encountering those we have lost,’ providing an evening of poetry by Christopher Reid and performance by Zoë Uí Fhaoláin focusing on loss, memory and memorialisation.

For more information about the seminar series, please contact Julie Seymour or Trish Green.