Professor Una Macleod




Una Macleod became Dean of the Hull York Medical School on 1st January 2017. She joined the medical school in 2010 as Professor of Primary Care Medicine and had previously worked in Glasgow, where she trained in Medicine and had been Senior Lecturer in General Practice and Primary Care and a half-time GP principal in the east end of the city. Her research interests revolve around primary care and cancer, and health inequalities. She is a national leader in the area of cancer and early diagnosis research, has contributed significantly to policy development, and holds or has held grants from Cancer Research UK, Yorkshire Cancer Research and the Department of Health Policy Research Unit programme in this area. She continues to work clinically as a GP at Bransholme Health Centre in Hull.


Current research projects include:

EMPRESS: Cancer diagnosis via Emergency Presentation: a case control Study £343,755 funded by Cancer Research

TRANSFORM: Reducing inequalities in cancer outcomes in Yorkshire: Realising our potential for innovation in diagnosis, patient management, survivorship and palliative care research. £4.9m, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research

PEOPLE-HULL: Primary care and community Engagement to Optimise time to Presentation with Lung cancEr symptoms in HULL.  £712,501, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research

Using primary care to increase uptake of the Bowel Scope Screening Programme in Hull: evaluating paper and telephone-based interventions.  £349, 944, funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research (PI L McGregor, Stirling)

REviewing long term anti-Depressant Use by Careful monitoring in Everyday practice (REDUCE) programme. NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research  2016-2021, £2,244,889. (PI T Kendrick, Southampton)

CPR for cancer outcomes - comprehensive patient records (CPR) to define the impact of cancer, co-morbidities and late effects on individuals and the health service.  Funded by Macmillan Cancer Support  £689,000, (PI A Glaser, Leeds)

Integrated therapist and online CBT for depression in primary care. NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research, £2,218,726 (PI N Wiles, Bristol)


Una Macleod contributes to the Phase 1 Scholarship and Special Interest Programme on cancer screening, awareness and detection. She also lectures on NHS cancer policy and health inequalities.

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