TRANSFORMing Cancer Outcomes in Yorkshire

Cancer outcomes are poorer in Yorkshire than in England as a whole, and especially poor in Hull – with more men and women dying from cancer than anywhere else in the UK. In pioneering new research, the TRANSFORMing Cancer Outcomes in Yorkshire programme – or ‘TRANSFORM’ – aims to tackle these cancer inequalities, and ultimately improve health outcomes across our region.

The research, a £4.9m programme funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, will help to understand why differences exist in cancer diagnosis and survival in Hull and Yorkshire, and how to reduce inequalities, speed up referrals, and improve access to care and treatment. The research will primarily focus on early diagnosis and detection of cancer, patient management and survivorship and palliative care.

This project brings together expertise from TRANSFORM and the Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre, the Cancer Awareness, Screening and Diagnostic Pathways Research Group, the Methods Hub and the Clinical Sciences Centre.

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