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Our cancer inequalities research experts

TRANSFORM brings together expertise in research and clinical practice, so we can address the key gaps in knowledge that are essential to tackling cancer inequalities in Yorkshire.
This project brings together researchers from TRANSFORM and the Wolfson Palliative Care Research Centre, the Academy of Primary Care and the Cancer Research Group.

TRANSFORM Leadership Team

TRANSFORM researchers
 NameRole Key areas of research
Dr Arwa Abdel-Aal Clinical Research Fellow The impact of lung cancer screening on health inequalities.
Dr Olufikayo Bamidele Research Associate (Evidence Synthesis) Reducing inequalities in cancer experiences and outcomes using systematic literature reviews and evidence synthesis.
Alex Bullock Clinical Research Fellow (Nutrition)

Identification of malnutrition, cachexia and sarcopenia in older cancer patients.

Dr Joanne Cairns Career Development Research Fellow Developing co-produced interventions to reducing inequalities in cancer screening uptake.
Matthew Dell Research Study Administrator  
Dr Cindy Forbes Career Development Research Fellow

The role of physical activity and sedentary behaviour on quality of life among cancer survivors, and the utility of technology in assisting lifestyle behaviour change to influence quality of life and other health outcomes.

Sarah Greenley Research Fellow (Information Specialist)

Information retrieval for systematic reviews, computer interpretable guidelines, clinical decision support systems.

Dr Charlotte Kelly Career Development Research Fellow Exploring the issues related to a cancer patient’s journey to healthcare facilities on their journey through the healthcare system (from diagnosis to end of life).
Dr Gordon McKenzie Clinical Research Fellow (Geriatric Oncology)

Developing and validating a cross-platform, patient-centered digital CGA for clinical decision making and optimisation of older head and neck cancer patients.

Michael Patterson Clinical Research Fellow (Nutrition)  
Dr Lukas Pitel Research Fellow (Cancer Statistics) Data processing, data analysis (diverse research questions).
Helen Roberts Patient and Public Involvement Co-ordinator  
Dr Flavia Swan Research Fellow (Rehabilitation) Palliative care research interest: non-pharmacological interventions for the management of chronic breathlessness.
Peter Wells Programme Administrator  
Alex Wray Clinical Research Fellow (Cancer Nursing) Developing interventions to support children in families where a parent has had a terminal illness


PhD students
Jordan Curry

Title: Effect of physical activity on quality of life in cancer survivorship: an online delivered, tailored physical activity programme.
Funder: Yorkshire Cancer Research
Start date: October 2019
Supervisors: Dr Cindy Forbes (primary) and Dr Mark Pearson (secondary)


To develop and assess the feasibility of an online web-based tailored exercise program for lung cancer survivors.


Within the last 40 years lung cancer has shown little improvement with only 5% of individuals surviving more than 10 years.

Developing an online evidence-based tailored exercise program could improve functional capacity and quality of life while overcoming exercise related barriers within lung cancer survivors.

Emily Lunn

Title: A sociological examination of socio-economic inequalities in breast screening experiences
Funder: Yorkshire Cancer Research
Start date: October 2020
Supervisors: Dr Jo Cairns and Professor Una Macleod 


This research aims to understand why we see lower uptake of breast screening among women from more deprived areas, and how we can improve this situation by making policy and practice recommendations.


Breast screening rates for women from the most deprived areas are significantly lower than those from the least deprived. By exploring inequalities in breast screening uptake through qualitative research, this study will provide in-depth understandings of screening barriers and facilitators and test acceptability of interventions to improve uptake.

Rebecca Price

Title: Exploring access to specialist cancer centres for patients in coastal areas, an assessment of the psychosocial, socioeconomic, psychological and health implications.
Funder: Yorkshire Cancer Research
Start date: October 2020
Supervisors: Dr Charlotte Kelly (primary) and Professor Una Macleod (secondary)


To explore access to specialist cancer centres for patients in coastal areas, through an assessment of the psychosocial, socioeconomic, psychological and health outcomes.


Since the development of specialist cancer centres, the need to travel has become an increasing burden for some patients.

Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, this research will explore the travel experiences of patients undergoing cancer treatments, particularly in coastal communities, along with the psychosocial, socioeconomic and health implications.



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