TRANSFORMing Cancer Outcomes in Yorkshire is a platform that enables research into tackling cancer inequalities in Yorkshire. Through our research, we aim to address key gaps in knowledge related to inequalities in experience of and outcomes from cancer, especially related to age and socio-economic differences.

Our research seeks to address the following key areas:


Current projects

CANcer BEhavioural Nutrition and Exercise FeasibilIty Trial (CanBenefit)

Contact: Dr Flavia Swan
Funder:  Yorkshire Cancer Research
Time frame: 2018-2021

People with cancer affecting the lungs tend to be older and frailer compared to people with other cancers. As a result, they may have poorer quality of life and are less able to tolerate treatments for their cancer, such as chemotherapy. Research to date show that exercise and nutrition support helps people with cancer, but not many older people are included in these studies. We aim to develop and test an exercise and nutrition treatment to help older people with lung cancer have best quality of life.

The purpose of the project is to develop and test an exercise and nutrition programme that can be tailored to support the best quality of life for older people with lung cancer from diagnosis to later stages of disease.

We aim to identify:

  1. The key essential (and desirable) components to include in an exercise and nutrition programme for older people with lung cancer.

2. How these components should be delivered in terms of time, place, person, duration and

3. The behaviour changes needed to ensure that the programme is implemented in a trial and clinical practice.

A complex intervention study evaluating the effect of a digitalised, patient-centered comprehensive geriatric assessment on clinical decision making and patient experience when utilised by a head and neck cancer multidisciplinary team

Contact: Dr Gordon McKenzie
Funder: Yorkshire Cancer Research
Timeframe: Expected completion early 2021

This project will develop a website and mobile app to enable older people with head and neck cancer to get a complete assessment of their day to day functioning and overall health.

We will develop, validate and implement a digitalised, cross-platform and integrated web and mobile service for undertaking comprehensive geriatric assessment in head and neck cancer patients.

Production of a single validated screening tool for the identification of malnutrition, cachexia and sarcopenia in older people with cancer

Contact: Alex Bullock and Professor Miriam Johnson
Funder: Yorkshire Cancer Research
Timeframe: September 2018 - September 2021

Weight loss is common in people with cancer and is difficult to assess. This research aims to produce a screening tool to help medical teams assess older cancer patients more effectively, to identify issues regarding poor nutrition and causes of weight loss. This research will develop a clinical tool that can identify the elements of malnutrition, cachexia and sarcopenia within a single screening tool. This will enable professionals identify the best treatment to manage these symptoms.