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PhD or MD

by Published Work

If you have a portfolio of peer-reviewed publications to the standard of a PhD or MD, you can submit your work for consideration for the award of PhD or MD by published work.

Course length 3-24 months part-time part-time
Start date Flexible
Location University of Hull or University of York (depending on your supervisor's employing university)


About the PhD or MD

The MD or PhD by Published Work is a degree award for an established researcher who has already published significant research in their discipline. The published work must be peer reviewed (for example in books, journal articles, and research reports).

Your portfolio of published work must form a coherent body of work that constitutes a significant contribution to knowledge in a given area in medicine or medical science.

Your works should be published in high calibre peer review journals or by established publishers in your academic or clinical discipline. The journal/publisher should have a good academic standing. All the publications must have been published physically or electronically, in the public domain.

The number of publications is not as important as the quality of scientific inquiry they represent, their academic standing, and their contribution to the field of study.

Your portfolio of work should resemble a conventional MD or PhD thesis. As an indicative guide, the maximum word limit for a conventional MD and PhD thesis is 80,000 words. There is no lower word limit.


Entry requirements

We welcome applications from candidates within our Hull York Medical School and university community. You are eligible to apply if either:

  • you have been a Hull York Medical School graduate for at least three years; or
  • you are a member of staff employed by the University of Hull or the University of York; or
  • you hold an honorary title awarded by the Hull York Medical School

For the MD by Published Work, you will need to have obtained a medical degree recognised by the UK General Medical Council (GMC) and have been practising medicine for a minimum of two years after graduation.

English language requirements

If you're a non-native English speaking applicant you must provide evidence of your English language ability. We accept any of the following:

  • IELTS: 6.5, with no less than 6.0 in each component
  • PTE Academic: 61, with no less than 55 in each component
  • CAE and CPE (from January 2015): 176, with no less than 169 in each component
  • TOEFL: 87, with no less than 21 in each component
  • Trinity ISE: level 3 with Merit in all components
  • Duolingo: 110, minimum 100 in all other components

You do not need to provide evidence of your English language abilities if certain conditions apply. Check English language exceptions on the University of York website.

Fees and funding

Tuition fees

A £1,000 administration fee applies for this programme.


How to apply

If you would like to make an application, please contact us to discuss your proposal and eligibility in the first instance. Please email:

You are also encouraged to contact a potential supervisor in the Medical School to discuss your case. The decision of your admission is made by an independent panel, not any staff you may have spoken to.

Candidates will then need to submit a prima facie case, including your CV and list of your publications.

Your case will be reviewed by the Dean and the Medical School’s Board of Studies, on the recommendation of a Panel including at least one external assessor appointed by the School. The Panel will support or reject your application based on your submission.

A prima facie case will only be considered if the published work falls within a Hull York Medical School research theme and can be supervised by a member of Hull York Medical School staff.

The following documents should be submitted in support of a prima facie case:

  • A CV (on a Hull York Medical School pro forma)
  • A list of peer-reviewed publications of sufficient quality and academic standing, accompanied by copies of the publications themselves
  • A statement clearly indicating the degree (MD or PhD) sought and an explanation of how the work:
  • provides an introduction and places the work in context
  • establishes the linking hypothesis or theme between the various topics covered by the published work
  • gives emphasis, couched in a critical discussion, to significant findings and conclusions
  • provides an indication of areas for further research development and exploration
  • indicates in the case of work submitted under joint authorship, the contribution made by the candidate (signed statements from corresponding authors are required).
  • In the case of joint authorship, a commentary indicating the candidate’s contribution. This should be accompanied by statements from the corresponding authors of these publications affirming the contribution
  • A statement indicating whether any of the submitted papers or books have resulted from work for which an earlier degree has been awarded (or for which the work is being considered or has already been considered for the award of a degree)

If your application is rejected

You will receive feedback from the Panel. You may re-apply only if you have made significant improvements on your published works.