About the CATALYST programme

We recognise the key role primary care plays in the health of our communities and are focused on ensuring GPs have the knowledge and skills needed to deliver the best possible care for their patients now and in the future.

Who is the CATALYST programme for?

CATALYST is a career development programme designed for new to practice GPs. 

Developed by the Medical School’s Academy of Primary Care in partnership with NHS England Northeast Yorkshire and Humber Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership, this twelve-month programme is offered to eligible GPs who qualified between February 2020 and July 2021 in the Humber Coast and Vale area. It has been designed to help new to practice GPs develop the knowledge and skills to respond to improve the care they offer to individual patients within our community, as well as develop new ways of working which might influence the development of primary care within our region and at a national level, now and in the future.

How will CATALYST help me? 

CATALYST has been designed to help you develop knowledge and practical skills to improve your everyday clinical practice, as well as the ideas and experience you will need to implement change and shape the future direction of primary care.  

Our programme offers you the opportunity to:  

  • Learn advanced skills in collecting, using and analysing data for clinical practice  
    Using case studies and examples from every day clinical practice to delve deeper into the complexity of managing everyday challenges such as problematic polypharmacy, multimorbidity, frailty, medically unexplained symptoms, developing your data gathering and analytical skills so that you can make robust decisions about clinical need. 

  • Gain practical skills and experience of implementing change 
    We will take you through the steps of designing, implementing and evaluating new ways of working so you can confidently implement change in individual patient care but also across your practice. 

  • Develop your professional network 
    Through our programme you will meet other newly qualified GPs across our region and will learn from and support each other as you progress your careers. 

  • Continue your professional development 
    The programme offers you the opportunity to continue your professional development, by learning from our experienced tutors as well as your peers. All participants will receive a certificate of completion from NHS England Northeast &Yorkshire, Humber Coast & Vale Health and Care Partnership, the Academy of Primary care at Hull York Medical School, and the WISE GP programme.

How is the CATALYST programme delivered? 

We are running two cohorts of the programme starting in April and September 2021. Each runs for a total of 12 months. You will spend one day every fortnight on the CATALYST programme.  

The programme consists of facilitated self-directed learning, online seminars and discussions groups and action learning projects. 

  • In the first six months, each cohort will focus on the top clinical challenges facing all GPs, using cutting edge general practice research to offer insight and practical solutions to help you address these within your clinical practice.  

  • In the second sixth months, each cohort will look to apply the skills and knowledge you have gained to work together to design, implement and evaluation a series of quality improvement projects which will address the key primary care challenges within our region.  

All facilitated by a team of clinical and research academics from the Academy of Primary Care at Hull York Medical School.

Fees and funding 

The CATALYST programme is offered free of charge to GPs who qualified between February 2020 and July 2021 and are working in the Humber Coast and Vale area.  

New to practice GPs are also eligible to apply for a bursary to cover your clinical time. If you qualified as a GP between February 2020 and July 2021, you are also eligible to apply for a bursary of £7,200 payable to your practice to backfill your time on the programme (10% FTE).

How can I register? 

Registration is easy. Please complete our online registration form below and a member of the CATALYST project team will be in touch with further details.

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