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Three researchers in the Academy of Primary Care in conversation

Academy of Primary Care

About us

The Academy of Primary Care is at the forefront of research and best practice in whole-person primary health care in our region and beyond.

Our focus is to shape the future of primary care, by addressing the ever-growing complexity of healthcare needs in our communities. Our members bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and experience in primary care research, education, clinical practice, and scholarship.

We work closely with colleagues across the Medical School, including the MB BS Medicine team and the Health Professionals Education Unit, as well as our local primary care community of clinicians, training networks, commissioners and providers of services, the Royal College of General Practitioners (Humber Faculty and nationally) and members of the public. Our research is a key component of the University of Hull’s Institute for Clinical and Applied Health Research. These partnerships ensure our work directly addresses real health needs and concerns of our communities.

As a proud member of the Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC), and founder members of SAPC North, we stand at the forefront of advancing the distinct discipline of academic primary care, leading local and national initiatives that promote scholarly work in the field and build the academic primary care workforce.

Desk with stethoscope and clinic tenometer

Why we are addressing primary care

Health systems are having to adapt rapidly to changing needs, but at the same time try to deliver patient-centred, whole person care. This is why we need to re think our primary care services.

A growing and diverse population, longer life expectancies, the increasing complexity of health issues and a growing recognition that healthcare can harm as well as help, demands a reimagining of how we provide care.

At the Academy, we champion innovation and best practices to drive the transformation of primary healthcare services. We actively advance primary care through education, research, and scholarship.

Contact us

We welcome enquiries about our research, or if you are interested in collaborating, visiting or postgraduate research opportunities with us.

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