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How to get involved


If you are new to academic primary care, or would like to learn more, then WiseGP is a great place to start.

Created by our experts in the Academy of Primary Care, WiseGP supports clinicians to develop their knowledge work skills to manage complexity and uncertainty in everyday practice.

WiseGP offers:

  • A free WISDOM course, which aims to provide clinicians with the skills and confidence to find, create and use knowledge to make complex decisions about problems faced in everyday practice

  • A GEMS library from recent research, offering practical ways to tackle common everyday problems in primary care. Why not explore our selection of GEMs and see if there’s a topic which ignites your interest!

WiseGP is an initiative of the Society of Academic Primary Care, Royal College of General Practitioners, and sponsored by Hull York Medical School.

Visit the WiseGP website for more information


CATALYST career development programme for new GPs

Our CATALYST career development programme equips new-to-practice GPs in the Humber Coast and Vale area with essential skills and knowledge to enhance patient care both now and in the future.

Developed in partnership with NHS England Northeast Yorkshire and the Humber Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership, CATALYST has been designed to help you develop the extended skills and confidence needed for the complexities of modern expert generalist clinical practice.

The programme will help you to:

  • Develop extended skills for modern clinical practice, including managing multimorbidity
  • Develop skills for the extended professional roles of the modern GP (or consultant in primary care Learn advanced skills in collecting, using and analysing data for clinical practice
  • Gain practical skills and experience of implementing change
  • Develop your professional network
  • Continue your professional development

In September 2024 we will be launching our refreshed CATALYST CPD programme, which is open to GPs at all career stages.

Find out more about CATALYST


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We welcome enquiries about our research, or if you are interested in collaborating, visiting or postgraduate research opportunities with us.

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