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Members of the Academy of Primary Care in a meeting

What we do

The Academy of Primary Care brings together expertise in primary care research, education, and clinical scholarship to design and deliver the modern vision of whole-person healthcare needed to tackle 21st century health needs.

We function as a hub where expertise is consolidated, modern healthcare strategies are formulated and delivered, partnerships are established and nurtured, and collaborations thrive to cater to the diverse needs of the primary care community.

We work in partnership with clinicians, training networks, commissioners, service providers, the Royal College of General Practitioners, and members of the public, fostering a relationship that enriches our initiatives.

We also have strong alliances with the MB BS Medicine team and the Health Professionals Education Unit in Hull York Medical School.

This inclusive approach ensures that our initiatives resonate with the diverse needs of our primary care community.

"We need primary care 'now more than ever'. Yet also recognise that 'more of the same won’t do'.

"In response, we established the Academy of Primary Care – working with colleagues from across the sector to deliver innovative scholarship that drives excellence in primary care provision.

"Our distinct strength lies in our partnerships, where academia meets practice and collaboration thrives, shaping the future of primary care education, innovation and research, and service provision."

"Our focus is to shape the future of primary care, by addressing the ever-growing complexity of healthcare needs in our communities."

Professor Joanne Reeve
Director of Research, Academy of Primary Care


Our goals

Strong primary care delivers the best healthcare for individuals and communities. We work to strengthen the primary care offered to people in our region and more widely.

Modernising professional practice

  • Our CATALYST career development programme for new to practice GPs across the Humber Coast and Vale area, is developing the key knowledge and skills which GPs need to deliver better care to patients now and in the future.

  • Through the national WiseGP programme, led by the Academy of Primary Care, we are supporting clinicians to develop their knowledge work skills to help them manage complexity and uncertainty in everyday practice.

Redesigning primary care

  • We are working with partners around the UK and internationally to develop and evaluate practical solutions to help address the workplace challenges faced by providers of primary care (including our projects: TIMES, SPLENDID, TAILOR)

  • We are undertaking applied research and scholarship to better understand the new developments in primary care workforce and delivery (including our projects: Link Workers, Lazarus)

Shaping future of primary care

  • We work closely with partners across Hull York Medical School, including the MB BS Medicine team and the Health Professionals Education Unit, as well as our local primary care community of clinicians, training networks, commissioners and providers of services, the Royal College of GPs Humber Faculty and nationally and members of the public.

  • We are working in partnership with partners across Humber and North Yorkshire, to help people to explore, enter and thrive in a career in general practice through the regional GP Fellowship programme.

  • As part of the national Society for Academic Primary Care (SAPC) network, we are founder members of SAPC North – a network of departments of academic primary care in the North of England which is collectively raising the profile of academic primary care as a distinct discipline, helping to build the academic primary care workforce and optimise the impact of academic primary care through collaboration.

Contact us

We welcome enquiries about our research, or if you are interested in collaborating, visiting or postgraduate research opportunities with us.

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