Breathe Well

About the project

Title: Breathe Well: Improving the sustained use of self-management strategies for living well with chronic breathlessness
National Institute for Health Research - Research for Patient Benefit stream (Grant reference number NIHR204312)
Time frame: March 2023 to February 2024
Contact for more details: Dr Mark Pearson

Chronic (persistent) breathlessness restricts social lives and day-to-day tasks. Breathlessness services can support people to self-manage, but there is often a gap between knowing what to do and doing it - true for patients, carers and clinicians alike.

The aim of this study is to understand how to better enable self-management for people living with chronic breathlessness and to develop an implementation strategy to achieve this.

We will first do a ‘realist review’ to look at available publications and ask experts (both professional and personal) to find out what helps (or stops) patients, carers and clinicians using self-management techniques. We’ll then hold three workshops with patients, carers and clinicians to co-design an implementation strategy to help people put self-management techniques for chronic breathlessness into everyday use.

Outputs and resources

Review protocol (PROSPERO)