About the project

Title: Towards cancer patient empowerment for optimal use of antithrombotic therapy at the end of life (SERENITY):  A realist review of how deprescribing interventions can improve shared decision-making for cancer patients in the last year of life
Horizon Europe Research and Innovations (101057292)
Time frame: October 2022 to September 2023
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For some cancer patients, blood-thinners are important to prevent blood clots, but there may be reason to stop this therapy when the risks outweigh the benefits at the end-of-life. However, knowing the right moment to withdraw medications is very difficult.

In this study, we will draw on a wide range of research and other sources to build in-depth understanding about the many complex issues faced by patients, family members, and clinicians around this time of transition.

As the first of eight Work Packages in the Europe-wide Serenity research programme, this project aims to develop theory of how implementation of goal-concordant interventions to improve shared decision making about anti-thrombotic therapy can be achieved for cancer patients in the last year of life.

You can find out more about how this study will underpin other parts of the Serenity research programme on the Serenity website.

Outputs and resources

Review protocol (PROSPERO)