Vascular Research Priority Setting Partnership

The Vascular Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) provided an exciting opportunity to gather the unique perspectives of clinicians, patients and carers in identifying priorities for vascular research in the UK. Over 1800 research questions were submitted – a fantastic achievement!

People with experience of vascular conditions helping to set the research agenda.

Thank you to all the vascular health care professionals, patients and carers who helped promote the survey or participated in the process. The Top Ten Priorities for UK Vascular Research in association with the James Lind Alliance have now been established.

Read the full report here: The Vascular Priority Setting Partnership: Setting the Agenda for UK Vascular Research November 2021

Next Steps

This is just the beginning! Now that the top ten priorities have been established, there is now plenty of work to be done on developing specific research questions, studies and projects that will address these important areas.

The priorities are freely available to be researched and we hope they will provide useful guidance to those who are considering funding applications, research strategies or campaign work.

NIHR James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships rolling call

How to get involved

We encourage anyone interested to get in touch with the Special Interest Groups and let us know how you intend to use these priorities. The Special Interest Groups have been involved throughout the Vascular PSP, they have a wealth of experience within their group memberships and are keen to work with others who might be interested in pursuing any of these priorities. SIG lead contact details can be found here: Special Interest Groups (SIGs).


The work of the Vascular PSP was funded by the Vascular Society. We are grateful to the Steering Group for their oversight and to everyone who helped promote the survey or participated in the process. Thanks to the each of the Special Interest Groups for their continued support and their ongoing role in maintaining the momentum of this project.

A special thank you to Toto Gronlund, our lead JLA facilitator for all the support and guidance throughout and in helping to manage nine Vascular PSPs.

Discover more about the PSP

Discover more about the PSP