Vascular Research Priority Setting Partnership

Vascular disease is the collective term for diseases of the veins and arteries. Every part of the body to which blood flows can be affected by it. It’s as common as cancer and heart disease and accounts for 40% of deaths in the UK, many of which are preventable.

Research is needed to inform us about prevention, to develop new techniques for early diagnosis and to develop new and more effective treatments.

The Vascular James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) has been formed to identify unanswered questions about the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of vascular conditions from the perspective of patients, carers and vascular health professionals. Here at Hull York Medical School, our Vascular Research Group are managing the work of the PSP to address this.

This PSP will help funders to provide resource to the areas of research that need it most – and ultimately make a difference to people’s lives.

What have we done so far?

Here is a quick update on the process so far. You can also check About the PSP page for more information.

1. We've created a Steering Group

This group is made up of patients, clinicians and allied health professionals – different types of people involved with care and treatment of people with vascular conditions. They provide oversight, guidance and help make decisions about the scope of the PSP.

You can see who is involved on our People page.

2. We ran a survey

We created a survey inviting anyone with a vascular condition, their carers or family to take part. We asked them to submit questions they would like research to answer.

3. We've established Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

The term vascular covers such a broad range of conditions, we established Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to help support and promote the project in these areas, ensuring different types of vascular condition are fairly represented throughout this process.

4. We've summarised the responses

Thank you to all those vascular patients, carers and family members who submitted almost 600 research questions, topics and comments during the first round of survey!

With oversight from the Steering Group and the SIGs, we have been sorting through all the responses from the first round of survey. We have been working hard to look at these questions carefully, to see what might already be answered by existing research and created summary questions that are now being prioritised in round 2 of the survey.

5. We ran a prioritisation survey

We created a second survey and asked service users and carers to vote on the most important research questions. This reduces the remaining long list of summary questions to a shorter list to be discussed at future SIG workshops.