Model of a human heart

Model of a human heart

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Champions

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) champions promote awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion issues in the day-to-day operation of Hull York Medical School, working in collaboration with the EDI offices of our parent universities.

The roles are to: 

  • Be an active member of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDIC) and contribute to the development and management of the EDIC action plan. 
  • Identify equality, diversity and inclusion priorities and develop appropriate actions to address these. 
  • Attend and contribute to Hull York Medical School self-assessment team meetings for AdvanceHE Equality Charters (e.g. Athena SWAN). 
  • Attend and contribute to Faculty and University self-assessment team meetings for AdvanceHE Equality Charters (e.g. Athena SWAN, Race Equality Charter). 
  • Raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion issues/activities, share best practice and celebrate diversity within Hull York Medical School.  
  • Be familiar with relevant policies and legislation. 
  • Contribute to the organisation of events for national and international equality celebration dates (e.g. Black History Month, International Women’s Day, Pride, etc.). 
  • Liaise with EDI champions from other departments within the University. 
  • Attend training and network events as necessary. 
  • Be willing to speak out about equality in a variety of settings. 


Who are our EDI champions?

Each of our EDI champions have responsibility to promote awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion issues for certain protected characteristics:

Equality, diversity and inclusion champions
NameProtected characteristic
Claire de Oliveira Gender
Hannah Jennings Race, religion or belief
Liz Mitchell Disability
Kat Sanders LGBTQ+